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You can snack like Baby Yoda with these official new ‘Mandalorian’ macarons

If they're good enough for the Child, they're more than good enough for us.

Written by
Stephanie Breijo

Want to nosh on bright blue macarons just like Baby Yoda? This is the way: Williams Sonoma just released a new set of official cookies tied to Disney's hit show The Mandalorian, and of course they're modeled after the Child's new favorite snack (no, not the frog eggs).

This week's episode saw the insatiable little tyke Force-stealing a sleeve of cerulean-hued cookies in a schoolhouse on Nevarro, and while you probably won't be able to Force-steal some for yourself, now you can certainly buy them. Williams Sonoma is calling the new treats Nevarro Nummies, and describes the French-style macarons as "ethereal" and sporting "authentic galactic flavor."

Nevarro Nummies from Williams Sonoma
Photograph: Courtesy Williams Sonoma

The hand-piped cookies come 12 to a pack and stuffed with a vanilla frosting. They're also worth their weight in beskar: Each package costs $49.95.

If the Nummies aren't to your liking, the high-end culinary shop also sells a set of colorful macarons stamped with original-trilogy favorites (including another beloved Mando, Boba Fett), also for $49.95, as well as a Baby Yoda iced cookie for $9.95, in addition to a range of Star Wars kitchenwares.

And hey—if you feel like whipping up your own blue-tinted treat from a galaxy far, far away, why not try this official recipe for bantha-milk chai?

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