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Drinking games

Best drinking games to play remotely

Get your crew together (virtually) and play these awesome drinking games, including Kings, Power Hour and Three Man

By Tim Lowery

Who could use a drink? If you’re hankering for a booze-fueled night in, we've got you covered with this rundown of the most fun drinking games to play with your friends remotely via Google Hangout or Zoom or whatever video-conference platform you kids are using these days. (Don’t mock us for just typing “video-conference platform.”) Discover how to play faves (Power Hour), ice-breakers (Never Have I Ever), card games (Kings) and more below. In search of other ways to have an ace evening without leaving your pad? Check out the top online party games, the best party songs and easy-to-make cocktail recipes that will, um, get the party started.  

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Drinking games to play remotely


1. Power Hour

How to play: This one could not be easier (and that’s saying something, as drinking games by design are pretty much foolproof). Simply create a playlist that is 60 tracks long (or play an oldie but goodie or a band or…as long as there are 60 tracks to play, you’re golden), play it, and then skip to the next track every 60 seconds. Once a new song kicks in, everybody must drink. 

Time Out tip: This is a really fun one if your crew likes to talk (or argue) about music. We recommend that each participant is in charge of a section of the playlist. Also, 60 drinks in just an hour is a ton to stomach. If that proves too much, consider changing tracks every two minutes instead. Lastly, please have one—and only one—person in charge of going through the playlist.

Photograph: Shuttertsock

2. Three Man

How to play: Also known as Hat Man or Mr. Three, this one starts by banding a random player the title of Three Man. Then, each player takes a turn rolling two dice (to do this remotely, click here) and then do the following based on what’s rolled: 

Roll that totals three or show three on one of its dice: The Three Man drinks. 

Roll that totals seven: The player before the roller drinks. And if the roll is a 3-4, the Three Man also must drink. 

Roll that totals 11: The player after the roller drinks. 

Roll a double: Each player besides the roller must drink however many are on one of the dice. 

Time Out tip: We suggest that, after crowning the Three Man, you pick a strict order for when players roll. We also advise that the Three Man does all rolling for players on a shared screen.

Michael Cera
Photograph: Danielle Levitt

3. Celebrity

How to play: Player one names a celebrity (say, Michael Cera), then player two must name a celeb whose first name begins with the first letter of the last name of that celeb (say, Catherine O'Hara), and so on. One caveat: If a player names a notable whose first and last name start with the same letter (say, Courteney Cox), then the order of play is reversed. The player who can’t name a celeb? They—you guessed it—have to drink.    

Time Out tip: You may want to define “celebrity” (and pick the order of players) beforehand, so there’s minimal arguing. Also, be sure to add time constraints. The faster this game moves, the more fun it is. 

Cards, King
Photograph: Shuttertsock

4. Kings

How to play: Yes, this college classic—it’s also known as Circle of Death, Ring of Fire, King's Cup and Donut—can be played remotely, people. Each player takes a turn drawing a card (to do this online, click here) and then does the following based on what they draw: 

Ace: Do a waterfall, in which every player starts drinking at the same time, and you can only stop once the player before you does. (The player who drew the card is the first who can call it quits.)   

Two: The player who drew the card gives out two drinks. 

Three: The player who drew the card takes a drink. 

Four: Women drink. 

Five: Men drink. 

Six, seven, Jack and King: Everyone drinks. 

Eight: The player who drew the card picks another player (a mate, if you will) who will always have to drink when they do.  

Nine: The player who drew the card says a word, and then each person after must utter a word that rhymes. The first player who can’t must drink. Psst: You can't repeat rhymes.  

Ten: The player who drew the card chooses a category, and then every next player must name something in said category. Psst: You can't repeat answers

Queen: The player who drew the card asks a question to another player. That player then must ask another player a question, and so on. The first player to not answer a question with a question must drink. 

Time Out tip: Notice anything different about our version? The above rules are a slight change on the classic IRL ones, since, you know, this is a virtual game and all. Please be strict about player order and, again, have only one person share the card-drawing screen. 

Hong Kong Beer Co.
Hong Kong Beer Co.

5. Never Have I Ever

How to play: Another easy-but-fun one, Never Have I Ever goes like this: Someone says “Never have I ever [fill in the blank],” fills in said blank, and then anyone who has done that thing must drink.  

Time Out tip: Don’t be afraid to go blue or be a bit edgy here. You want a good conversation starter. “Never have I ever hooked up with a famous person” followed by a player drinking begs a bunch of questions.

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