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Best workout apps in the U.S. for keeping off the Quarantine 15

Download one of the very best workout apps in the United States to counteract all the takeout and snacks

By Sarah Medina

All that sourdough-bread bakingNetflix watching, party gaming and cocktail making can only lead to one thing: the Quarantine 15, a phenomenon in which sheltering-in-place combined with baking and snacking all day leads you to gain more than a dozen  pounds. But if you're determined to keep your pre-quarantine physique, or you're using this time to trim down for summer, then we've rounded up the best workout apps to help you break a sweat at home. While a lot of gyms and studios are currently taking to social media or Zoom to broadcast their workouts—if you're in New York or Boston, check out these city-specific workouts to support local businesses—this list is all about online fitness plans which will help you work out consistenly and track your progress along the way (and you can even have your favorite show playing in the background). 

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Best workout apps



Workouts: Cardio, barre, strength, yoga, kickboxing, postpartum and more 

Why download it: NeoU offers just about every kind of workout, with both live-stream and pre-recorded versions, led by some of the country's top trainers.  

Price: Plans are generally $7.99 for a month, but right now new members can get a year subscription for $50. 




Workouts: Running, strength, yoga, elliptical and more

Why download it: It's audio only, so you don't have to worry about fiddling with your computer or phone screen during a sweat sesh, and you can take it along on a socially-distant run. You can also filter by skill level, workout style and duration. What's more, ozens of new classes are added every week.  

Price: $14.99 per month, $99 per year

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Happiest of birthdays to the King of #DntStp 🥳🎂 Thank you for all you do for #TeamAaptiv 💙

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Alo Moves

Workouts: Yoga, barre, pilates, meditation and stretching

Why download it: This isn't your basic yoga app. True yogis will love that Alo offers vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini, hatha, restorative and other varieties.  

Price: 14-day free trial, $20 per month, $199 per year 



Nike Training Club

Workouts: Bodyweight, yoga, stretching and more

Why download it: This app's extensive library lets you stream workouts, commit to a training program, get tips from elite athletes and even help you sleep better. 

Price: Premium membership is currently free. 



The Become Project by Bethany C. Meyers

Workouts: Various full-body  

Why download it: As part of this famously body-positive program, you can master a new 25-minute routine (meant for all skill levels) every week. 

Price: 10-day free trial, $35 per month 

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I’ve been exploring what it looks like to be.come with blocks and my findings came back with glowing reviews. Blocks essentially give you more “space” which can make many of our series feel more comfortable. ⁣ ⁣ Adding blocks can be beneficial for pre/post natal clients, larger bodied people, those with neck pain / back pain / wrist pain...honestly the list goes on. I’ve been using them in my own practice lately and loving it. ⁣ ⁣ In this video I’m showing some ways in which you may find blocks useful. Take one or all or none!⁣ - downward dog: excellent if you have a tight front side body or a full size chest (aka: your boobs feel like they may suffocate you when you invert!) ⁣ - plank to lunge: blocks create more space to help get your leg through. *all pregnant people should use this! ⁣ - low lunge: perfect when your hands don’t want to go all the way down to the floor.⁣ - kneeling to lunging: ahhhh this feels SO MUCH BETTER if you have a tight neck ⁣ - twisted plank on feet and knees: nicer on the wrists, low back and neck. offers more space all around. ⁣ - transitioning on and off the floor: use the blocks to give you an extra hand where needed. ⁣ - side opening exercises: use the block as a tripod in front of the body for more stability. ⁣ ⁣ I found these on amazon for $22 and they are made of cork!

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obé Fitness

Workouts: Boxing, yoga, dance and more 

Why download it: Fans of HIIT, this is for you: obé offers 28-minute high-intensity classes that switch up moves often so you don't get bored and are set to an awesome soundtrack.

Price: One month free trial, $27 per month, $199 per year 



Class Pass

Workouts: Everything from dance to HIIT

Why download it: For gym hoppers who already swear by Class Pass, you can still use your app from home, as CP offers a full library of workout videos with every membership. 

Price: $49–$199 per month 


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