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The ultimate guide to wellness in the United States

Ready to feel your best in 2021? Here's the wellness practices we love across the U.S.

Written by
Sarah Medina

2020 was full of sourdough-bread bakingNetflix watching, Zoom partying and cocktail making (and did we mention tons of anxiety?), which means you might not be feeling your best headed into the new year. But we're determined that 2021 won't be the dumpster fire that last year was (knock on wood) and one way we're ensuring that is by filling our year with wellness practices that keep our mind, body and soul in tip-top shape. Yes, traditional workouts can be important, but so is embracing nature, going for walks, and stretching—all of which you'll find in this package. And if you haven't tried forest bathing yet, we know plenty of gorgeous forests across the U.S. in which to make your debut. 

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Wellness in the U.S.

Explore the country via bicycle

Explore the country via bicycle

If you're looking to explore the country while putting in your exercise time, tackle one of the best bike trails in the U.S.