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Yellowstone accomodation
Photograph: Expedia

The best places to stay in Yellowstone

From stargazing tipis to glamorous chalets, these are the finest places to stay near America’s oldest national park

Written by
Ed Cunningham
Danielle Goldstein
Rosemary Waugh
Alex Floyd-Douglass

If you're a nature lover, Yellowstone National Park is probably your ideal place. One of America's most famous national parks (maybe even the most famous), Yellowstone is a mix of cavernous canyons, dense forests, rushing streams, steaming hot springs, and even geysers. A lot of nature packed into one. Don't forget the range of wildlife, too. Bears, elk, bison, and cougars. Meeeow.

With all that on offer, you’ll almost certainly find yourself on a Yellowstone trip at some point in your life, it's a must. But where should you stay? We’ve trawled through all the hotels, cabins, lodges, Airbnbs, and glamping pods both in Yellowstone National Park and in the surrounding settlements to filter out the best ones. Below are the best places to stay in and around Yellowstone.

Who makes the cut? While we might not stay in every hotel or Airbnb featured below, we've based our list on top reviews and amenities to find you the best stays. This article includes affiliate links. These links have no influence on our editorial content. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Best places to stay in Yellowstone

1. Old Faithful Inn

Best for: those seeking a classic Yellowstone experience.
Budget range? Mid-to-high but worth it for the location.

Having served Yellowstone visitors for over a century, the Old Faithful Inn is an institution in itself. Its towering stone fireplace and magnificent communal areas are a true spectacle – this place is, after all, the largest log structure in the entire world. And the best bit? Well, as the name suggests, you’re mere steps away from Old Faithful, one of Yellowstone’s most iconic sights.

2. The Cody

Best for: adventurers on a budget.
Budget range? Very affordable.

If you’re doing Yellowstone on a budget, there’s little more you could ask for than The Cody. With its swimming pool, hot tub, gym and well-equipped rooms, it’s a solid place to hang up your boots after a long day exploring. About 45 minutes’ or so drive from the park, there’s also plenty to do in the city of Cody itself – including, obviously, lots of things related to the city’s namesake, William ‘Buffalo Bill’ Cody.


3. Solitude Ranch

Best for: small families. 
Budget range? Spenny but good for large groups.

The pictures don’t do this one justice. With its sumptuous deck (complete with phenomenal eastward views), huge number of home comforts and magnificently well-designed inside layout, the Solitude Ranch is a special rental indeed. And to top it all off, this place is practically on the doorstep – barely ten miles away, in fact – of the western entrance of Yellowstone

4. Mountain Container Casa, Wilsall

Best for: Couple's retreat.
Budget range? Super affordable.

Wake up to The Crazies and Shields River at this unique little retreat that's been created from an old shipping container. The inside is one big open space, with a huge window running down the entirety of one side, meaning you'll make the most of those stunning Yellowstone views, regardless of whether you're inside or out on the modest deck beside the fire pit. The bedroom is separate, with a queen-size and a cot. Should you wish to pull yourself away from the serenity, Bozeman or Livingston are both just a short drive and afford plenty of shopping and sightseeing.


5. 1872 Inn

Best for: romantic getaways
Budget range? On the pricey side.

Picture the scene: you wake up in the morning and it’s quiet. No children, just you, your special one and Yellowstone’s serene natural beauty. Maybe a few tweeting birds or crunching elk footsteps. Doesn’t that sound bloomin’ lovely? Well, that’s the draw of the 1872 Inn, an adults-exclusive boutique hotel in West Yellowstone.

6. Basecamp @ Island Park

Best for: small, active families.
Budget range? Mid-range with so much to offer.

This smartly renovated cabin is hidden away in the woods near Island Park (a city further out than West Yellowstone but still only 20 minutes from the park) and it’s the perfect stay for a small, active family. The space is efficiently utilised and packed full of included extras, from a TV and icemaker to an outside area that includes a firepit, BBQ and more.


7. The Mountain Yurt in Emigrant

Best for: Really getting away from it all
Budget range:
Middle range for a bespoke experience.

Located just thirty minutes away from Yellowstone National Park, this teeny circular home will have you feeling like you’re the living personification of a meditation app in no time. Let’s start with the big sell: floor-to-ceiling windows provide stunning views of the snow-capped mountains beyond so even when the weather is chilly (or you’re in need of downtime) you can still feel immersed in the natural landscape. Other things to love: the luxe-meets-rustic aesthetic, the wood burner, the hot tub and those hidden elevated sleeping spaces

8. Beach Cabin on YNP boundary

Best for: a cozy family getaway.
Budget range? Pretty affordable.

From its forested riverside location and rich log cabin interiors to its supremely well-put-together interior design, everything about this home is primed to be as relaxing and comfortable as possible. This one’s in Gardiner on the northern edge of Yellowstone National Park.


9. Pahaska Tepee Resort

Best for: unfussy groups.
Budget range? Cheap and cheerful.

Before you say it: yes, we know they’re not actual teepees. This place is ideal for trekkers who don’t care where they put their head down, so long as it’s clean, comfy, and with their buds. Pahaska Tepee Resort is just outside the park’s east gate, and while you shouldn’t expect anything super fancy (the vibe is more like a camp-style accom than cabins), it certainly does the job.

10. Four Seasons Jackson Hole

Best for: people that want it all done for them.
Budget range? Pricey AF.

With Four Seasons, you know what you’re getting. Basically deluxe everything – and the resort in Jackson Hole comes with extra phenomenal views over the dramatic surrounding landscape. This one is a little far from Yellowstone for those wanting to spend a week or more exploring the park, but if you’re looking for a fleeting tour, the resort’s concierge service is well-versed in coordinating day trips.


11. Earthship Home in Big Sky

Best for: Learning how to go slow.
Budget range:
A small splurge, but not a huge one.

This quirky little home is beloved of Airbnb-ers who rate its calming atmosphere and killer location (it’s about an hour’s drive from Yellowstone National Park and a great spot to plan ski days from). The front of the property is entirely dominated by glorious floor-to-ceiling windows designed to ensure you don’t miss a moment’s landscape-gazing. Perks include the wood fired sauna, access to fresh spring water and a lovely outdoor firepit. Also: they don’t call this place Big Sky for nothing. Make sure you cast your eyes upwards at any opportunity.

12. Roosevelt Lodge Cabins

Best for: families hunting for the ‘Old West’.
Budget range? Very well-priced.

Named because they’re located near a campsite once used by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Roosevelt Lodge Cabins go full-hilt for classic, rustic ‘Old West’ ambiance. These atmospheric huts might be popular with families and children, but they also boast a fabulous location within the park’s boundaries in the Tower Falls area – within easy reach of both Mammoth Hot Springs and Lamar Valley.   


13. Yellowstone Basecamp

Best for: couples wanting a chilled retreat.
Budget range? Very reasonable.

Few things are more romantic than being truly comfortable and relaxed in a place – and what’s exactly what’s on offer with this rental. Kitted-out with all the amenities and entertainment facilities you could reasonably hope for, the Basecamp also has gorgeous views out over Electric Peak. Despite being in Gardiner and exceptionally close to Yellowstone’s north gate, there’s a decent chance you might never want to leave…

14. Beaver Springs Chalet Yellowstone

Best for: a group of friends looking to splash the cash.
Budget range? Spenny indeed. 

Get enough mates together and the Beaver Springs Chalet will ensure your Yellowstone trip is truly unforgettable. Up to ten people can stay in this enormous chalet, of which the highlight is surely its extravagant second-floor deck. From there, you can survey all that the magnificent landscape has to offer, from the Yellowstone Basin and Teton Mountains in the distance to herons, moose, and deer in the surrounding habitat.


15. Rustic cabin in West Yellowstone

Best for: Yee-haw moments.
Budget range:
A treat-that-special-someone price.

Found on a forty-acre ranch, this cosy log cabin is part fairy tale escapism, part cowboy bolthole. Inside, the brilliant natural patterns of the wood do most of the decoration work (although we also like that 70s-inspired zigzag detailing in the shower area). Outside, it’s a choice between heading just over seven miles to Yellowstone National Park, hiking or horse riding in the local area OR going full Yee-HAAAW with a visit to the onsite rodeo. This might be your first rodeo, but we can assure you it won’t be your last.

16. Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel

Best for: stargazers.
Budget range? Worth every cent.

When you hear people talk about Yellowstone, it’s the ancient rock formations, fascinating wildlife and unearthly habitats that are usually top of the agenda. But did you know it’s also a stargazing hotspot? Because it has so few sources of light pollution, the area is ideal for taking in the Milky Way. And Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, being extra dark, is even more suited for stargazing than most Yellowstone sites. Plus, it’s got heated water, an on-site bar and, obvs, an unmissable nightly campfire.


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