Best bars in London - Cool bars

Looking for London's trendiest drinking spots? Time Out recommends the coolest bars in London

There's no shortage of hip hangouts in London so our critics' have rounded up some of the best. Whether you're looking for cool coktails, great live music or some sophisticated surroundings, check out our guide to the most fashionable bars in the capital.
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Cool and trendy bars in London


With a small square of front terrace, a modern bar and a grand, sunken restaurant, this little piece of Poland has been a worthwhile stop on Waterloo bar crawls for many a year.
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The drinks menu at this part-sophisticated, part-kitsch Scottish-themed enterprise – tartan everywhere – is less of a list and more of an encyclopaedia. The histories of various whisky regions are outlined within its pages, which also contain individual tasting notes worthy of the most pedantic oenophile.
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Book Club

This busy but commendable bar-club comprises one expansive room – divided by a wall with an oval hole in the middle, giving the illusion that half of Hoxton is here – and a small pool room downstairs.
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Old Street

Cinnamon Club

This classy two-floor operation, an imposing space that easily reveals its past as a public library, is divided between a top-notch Indian restaurant, a trendy evenings-only DJ basement and a study-like cocktail bar by the lobby.
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Happiness Forgets

This tiny basement has such low light that torches ought to be provided to aid with reading the drinks list. But low light makes the room – dark walls and dark wooden floorboards – just that much more appealing.
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Old Street

Lost Angel

You don’t expect to find a bar like Lost Angel along this sorry-looking stretch of the Battersea Park Road, but there is a precedent: this building was once home to Dusk, which brought a little glamour to the street.
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Ethan O
Ethan O

The London Stone branch of Eerie Pubs Co. is great, it's under Cannon Street and does two sets of cocktails, named after the seven deadly sins and the four horsemen of the apocalypse.


A new bar just opened on the southbank near the royal festival hall. Its called Bar Topolski and is located in the same arches where the artist Feliks Topolski had his 'Memoir of the Century'. I is now a bar and restaurant and has the artists work on the walls. You should check it out. Really nice atmosphere in a really nice and interesting part of London.