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Unusual things to do in London

We've searched the capital's nooks and crannies to find the very best unusual things to do in London

House of Dreams © Rob Greig

Roll up and step this way for the weirdest, freakiest and most unusual things to do in London. If you've been hanging around the same ten museums all your life, if you collect selfies at attractions like they’re popping out of fashion, or if you've already seen all of London's new exhibitions a hundred times, you might find yourself wondering what else this city has left to surprise you with. Well, never fear, fun-seekers, here's our collection of the very best unusual things to do in London – now get out there, you quirky little trailblazer, you.

The best unusual things to do in London

Clowns Gallery-Museum London

Open on the first Friday of each month, this small gallery displays photographs, props and costumes used by some of Britain's most famous clowns. Clowns have an unofficial rule that no two performers are allowed to have the same make-up. In order to ensure that clowns weren’t duplicating each other’s look, a practice of painting each unique design onto an egg began. The museum has a collection of more than 200 of these eggs.

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Gir Lion Lodge at London Zoo


Yes, you can sleep next to real-life lions in London. The appeal of staying the night in (well, right next to) the zoo’s Land of the Lions enclosure is obvious: you’ll feel a bit like you live in ‘The Jungle Book’, surrounded by creature companions. Hire a lodge and enjoy private guided tours around different animal enclosures after hours. 

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Regent's Park

Dennis Severs’ House

A beautiful time capsule attraction where visitors are immersed in a unique form of theatre. The ten rooms of this original Huguenot house have been decked out to recreate snapshots of life in Spitalfields between 1724 and 1914. A tour through the ‘still-life drama’, as American creator Dennis Severs put it, takes you through the cellar, kitchen, dining room, smoking room and upstairs to the bedrooms.

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Lee Valley White Water Centre

This London 2012 Olympic Games venue is open to the public for adrenalin-fuelled white-water rafting, canoeing and kayaking sessions – riding the rapids that challenged the world's best makes for an action-packed experience. On the centre's raft adventure, you'll be high-siding, spinning and nose dunking on the Olympic Standard Competition course before you know it.

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God's Own Junkyard

God's Own Junkyard showcases neon artist Chris Bracey's personal collection of work in a salvage yard in Walthamstow. It contains everything from his signage for Soho sex clubs in the '60s to his work for the movie industry, including pieces that were used in 'Captain America', 'Eyes Wide Shut', 'Byzantium' and more. 

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Upper Walthamstow

Deptford Creek Low Tide Walk

Take a guided walk at low tide around Deptford Creek, one of the last natural creeks to survive in the UK. The creek is a haven for freshwater and saltwater plants and animals including birds, butterflies and some 120 species of wild flowers. Walks last around two hours and booking is essential. 

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Creekside Education Trust , Deptford Bridge Saturday August 12 2017 - Sunday December 10 2017

Grant Museum of Zoology

This zoological museum, the only one of its kind in London, seems like it has been here for a century or more. Such is the transporting effect of seeing avenues of display cases stuffed to the gunnels with animal skeletons, taxidermy specimens and creatures preserved in fluid, like a true Victorian wunderkammer. From a jar of tiny moles to a huge elephant skull, there is plenty here to draw gasps of amazement.

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Moo Canoes

Kayak down the Thames in a bovine boat as part of this watery sightseeing tour. A two-or-three-man vessel decorated with a black and white cow print will be your mode of transport. There are several waterway routes you can pick from, including Hackney Wick or around Limehouse Basin, and some come with meal stops for hungry canoers. 

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The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History

This Mare Street curiosity shop is both on the art circuit and determinedly off any beaten track. Peek through the windows and you’ll see a world in which velvet-cloaked Victorians, or perhaps The Mighty Boosh, might reside. Entering the shop, which is also the spiritual home of the esoterically minded Last Tuesday Society, reveals a wunderkammer of shells, skulls, taxidermy specimens and assorted oddities. 

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House of Dreams

Down a perfectly normal-looking street in East Dulwich you'll find a perfectly not-normal-looking abode. Taking the concept of one man's trash being another man's treasure, artist Stephen Wright is in the process of covering every available surface of this home in his kitschy mosaics. Everything here comes together in a magical hideaway that's only open to the public a few days a year.

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East Dulwich
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Highly recommended is Murder Mile Walks, a guided tour of Soho's most infamous murders; perfect if you're after something quirky, curious and unusual to do in London this weekend - www.murdermiletours.com

Julie B
Julie B

Can anyone tell me where the photo was taken at the top of this page? It looks amazing!

Charlotte M
Charlotte M

Yes and it is.

It's a museum someone made in their house. It's called The House if Dreams and it's in Peckham and I think it's only open a few times a year, but definitely worth a visit. You can email the owner to book in. He started collecting things years ago and it's just mushroomed into this spectacular collage of the kitsch, the abandoned and the bizarre. Enjoy!