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London's best street food

Pack some napkins – our guide to London’s best street food delivers everything you need to know about the city’s top on-the-hoof eats

© Scott Chasserot

If you're food-obsessed but don't have the disposable income for anything the restaurant critics drool over, street food is your saviour. Fun events, the best food markets in London and even London's best night markets are now bursting with stalls serving up incredible food in disposable containers, and we've done the rounds to dig out the best street food stalls in London.

Start with our guide to London's top 50 street food stalls, which features the big stars of the scene as well as the hottest new up-and-comers. Then tackle our top ten list of the very best street food going or let us know which you think is best by voting for your favourite. We gave it our best shot but it proved impossible to eat from every single street food stall in London – they're literally a moveable feast, after all – but every trader on this list serves food worth queueing for. If we've missed something delicious we'd love to hear about it in the comment box below.

Reviews by Ashleigh Arnott, Laura Richards, Elizabeth Darke, David Clack, Alex Plim, Guy Dimond, Eddy Frankel, Alexi Duggins and Hayley Spencer.


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James F
James F

WOOOHOOO!!! Loving London and her incredible street food. I'm new to this place, if anyone wants to hang out hit me on Iceberg to get socializing! iceberg.travel/meet/london/