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Forget tired pizzas and clumpy chow mein, and let Time Out's Food

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    Modern Pantry © Rob Greig

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    • Photo for “The Modern Pantry”

      The Modern Pantry

      Creative contemporary, 47-48 St John’s Square, EC1V 4JJ (020 7250 0833/

      This is no ordinary takeaway. Anna Hansen and her team are keen to bring the restaurant experience to Clerkenwell homes, and as such, most of the dishes on the Modern Pantry’s restaurant menu can be packed up and delivered within the local area (about a 2-3 mile radius), at restaurant prices. Hansen’s exciting, frequently changing menu of genre-bending dishes might include such as miso-marinated onglet (beef) steak and cassava chips, or orange and five-spice-cured duck breast with a smoked anchovy tart. Even the signature sugar-cured prawn omelette is available, though of course it will taste better fresh from the pan in the restaurant. Still, there is much to choose from, and the colourful flavour combinations of the salads, pies, pizzas and sweet treats are also found in the Pantry (around the side from the main café and restaurant) where food can be swiftly packed up into boxes for takeaway, too. If you’re not fortunate enough to live within the delivery area, you can call ahead then collect your food to go – but allow at least 30 minutes for the order to be prepared. Read more

  • Jerk City

    Caribbean, 189 Wardour St, W1F 8ZD (020 7287 2878/

    The Caribbean restaurant and takeaway that some wit called ‘Mr Jerk’ in 1998 underwent binary fission in 2006. One twin (now next door) morphed into a rum bar and smarter restaurant, but this original location – now called Jerk City – kept the faith and continues to do a very busy trade in takeaways, especially at lunchtimes when a queue often snakes out the door. The dishes are West Indian classics such as rice and peas, Jamaican saltfish and ackee, or roti (chapati-style flatbread) served with various stews such curried goat, oxtail or mutton. Oddly enough, the signature dish of jerk chicken isn’t the strongest dish, but a lot of the loyal customers order it for a taste of home. We recommend the soursop drink, when they have it: creamy, rich, aromatic tropical fruit, and sweetened to smooth out the natural citrus-like sourness of the fruit. We find the portions generous: a proper West Indian might disagree. Read more

  • Iberica Tapas Bar

    Spanish, 195 Great Portland St, W1W 5PS (020 7636 8650/

    This multi-tasking tapas bar, deli and restaurant has just introduced a takeaway service; eco-friendly boxes and soup containers come from London Bio Packaging. Sure, takeaway tapas might seem a little odd but with dishes such as mojama (cured tuna) salad with orange; home-cured sardines with chilled gazpacho; or fabada stew with morcilla, chorizo and pancetta, it’s hard to resist the idea of enjoying them in the comfort of your own home (or office). Restaurant prices, though. Read more

  • Niven's

    European, 157 King’s Cross Rd, WC1X 9BN (7837 3717/

    Niven’s slogan is ‘food to go’, emblazoned in a logo comprising of three takeaway boxes stacked on top of each other. There are the expected deli delights, such as fantastic sandwiches (bread from The Flour Station) with tempting fillings (chorizo with piquillo pepper and sour cream, crayfish with rocket and chipotle mayo) and super salads. But save your appetite for the range of takeaway hot food, perfect for post-work sustenance: aromatic Moroccan lamb stew, roast chicken rubbed with harissa, ricotta and spinach canelloni. Read more

  • Scandinavian Kitchen

    Scandinavian, 61 Great Titchfield St, W1W 7PP (020 7580 7161/

    This quirky Scandinavian eatery offers a delectable range of open sandwiches, and healthy smörgåsbord treats. There’s also meatballs (perfect with mountains of refreshing apple and beetroot salad), Danish liver pâté, hotdogs and outstanding cakes (kladdkaka – chocolate cake – or Danish strawberry layer cake). The staff are laid-back (yet efficient) and can pack even the most elaborate open sandwiches snugly and neatly in recycled cardboard boxes for takeaway. Read more

  • Beatroot

    Vegetarian, 92 Berwick St, W1F 0QD (020 7437 8591/

    This quirky Berwick Street vegetarian café has fantastic array of both hot and cold veggie dishes, such as moussaka (herby, comforting, juicy), pasta bake with properly creamy béchamel topping, or vegetable curry with aromatic whole spices and coconut. Salads for hotter days are far from hairshirt, with nutty sesame and beetroot salad given an edge with a sharp cider vinegar dressing, or a surprisingly moreish potato salad with vegan mayonnaise (made from soy milk). Big boxes of filling fare start from £3.90 and the largest option is £5.90; the staff do their best to cram as much food into them as possible. Read more

  • Photo for “Umai at Japan Centre, St James's” Dim sum and then some

    Umai at Japan Centre, St James's

    Japanese, 14-16 Regent St, SW1Y4PH (020 3405 1244/

    The entire front area of the Japan Centre’s new location is given over to Umai, the centre’s prepared food department. The large chillers are full of bento boxes, cartons of sushi and ready-to-heat rice and noodle dishes. But we like the deli-esque counter on the right that serves hot food – ramen, soba or udon, katsu curries and even Chinese dim sum. All packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

  • Bodean's

    North American, 10 Poland St, W1F 8PZ (020 7287 7575/

    All you need to do is get the barbie (or oven) ready when you get home – Bodean’s ‘Home and Away’ BBQ meats (available at all its branches) are vacuum-packed and already pre-smoked and cooked through, so it won’t be long before you’re digging into burnt ends, baby back ribs and pulled pork in the comfort of your own home. Or, if that’s too much effort, the Soho branch’s deli and takeaway section offers a lot of the same, including soups, salads, burgers, hot dogs and hot deli sandwiches. Read more

  • Bevis Marks Restaurant

    Jewish, 4 Heneage Lane, EC3A 5DQ (020 7283 2220/

    One of London’s best kosher restaurants offers a takeaway service, and very attractive it is too for people working late in the City. You can request most dishes from the à la carte for either pick up or delivery (minimum charge £10). Dishes cover a wide spectrum of styles and influences, from traditional Ashkenazi dishes such as chicken soup with matzo balls or salt beef with frites and a beetroot-horseradish sauce, to more fusion dishes such as maple syrup-cured salmon and seared tuna with mango salsa. Everything is helpfully packed in microwaveable containers. Read more

  • Canela

    Brazilian, 1 Newburgh St, W1F 7RB (020 7494 9980/

    Most of this Brazilian café’s menu can be ordered as takeaway, from the daily hot specials (which can range from the traditional feijoada – pork and bean stew – to grilled chicken with rice) to various quiches and bacalhau (salted cod) dishes. Throw in a few springy pão de queijos (cheese breads) and a can of Guaraná Antartica and you’re all set for Carnival. Read more

  • Kurz & Lang

    German, 1 St John St, EC1M 4AA (020 7253 6623/

    Fat bratwursts nearly the length of your forearm, mountains of mouthpuckering sauerkraut, dabs of mustard and cubes of fried potatoes – yes, this is a fantastic takeaway idea, particularly for the late-night pack, trudging by exhausted after some overtime at a nearby Farringdon office. Kurz & Lang is usefully open until at least 11.30pm most nights, and are open non-stop from Friday through to Sunday morning. Along with the sausages, it does German beers as well. Let’s just say you could do far worse than to grab a ’wurst from here. Read more

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