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Thanksgiving in Los Angeles: LA's best take-out turkeys

From whole heritage and vegan centerpieces to the tastiest picks for dark-meat lovers and DIY-ers, here are the best take-out turkeys for Thanksgiving in Los Angeles.

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Thanksgiving in LA: Turkey at Tavern

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Thanksgiving in LA: Diestel Farms turkey at Farmshop

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Thanksgiving in LA: Braised turkey thighs at Huckleberry

Photograph: Jakob N. Layman

Thanksgiving in LA: Turkey at Napa Valley Grille

Photo Courtesy Gelson's

Thanksgiving in LA: Roasted whole turkey from Gelson's



Photo Courtesy M Cafe

Thanksgiving in LA: Roasted vegan seitan at M Café de Chaya

Thanksgiving in Los Angeles isn't complete without the centerpiece turkey (though pies and booze don't hurt). Skip the hassle of cooking your own bird and pick up these take-out turkey staples, from heritage and vegan turkeys to fowls for lovers of dark meat or white.

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In keeping with the Brentwood restaurant's Northern Californian roots (chef/owner Jeffrey Cerciello and executive chef Joshua Drew are both Ad Hoc alums), Sonoma County-raised, Diestel Farms turkeys are brined (lemon, herbs, garlic, honey) and roasted.

Price: $115, 15-16 pounds, serves 6-8 people
Order by: November 25
Pick-up: November 25-27 at 8-11am

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Santa Monica


One of the city's godmothers of seasonal, California cooking, Akasha Richmond offers Mary's organic, heritage turkey (vegetarian-fed and free-range) from Central California that's herb-seasoned, roasted and sliced—no haphazard carving here.

Price: $120, serves 8-10 people
Order by: November 23 by 5pm
Pick-up: November 26, 3-9pm

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Culver City


Zoe Nathan's Santa Monica cafe offers heritage turkey thighs that are slow-cooked with crimini mushrooms, thyme, onions, garlic and Pinot Gris. Earthy, hearty and flavorful (hello, Fall!), the portioned thighs are fall-off-the-bone tender and perfect for white-meat haters.

Price: $13.50 per person
Order by: November 22 by 5pm
Pick-up: November 27, 9-11am

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Santa Monica

Napa Valley Grille

Many places in town offer whole turkey and breast, but the Westwood Village restaurant's leg option has dark-meat lovers rejoicing "pity the fair-meat fool." 

Price: $65 for eight people
Order by: November 25 by 5pm
Pick-up: November 27, 10am-4pm

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Sweet Butter Kitchen

The Val's once barren culinary wasteland has got T-day covered with the Sherman Oaks cafe/bakery's full turkey dinner from roasted turkey, fixings and table and ovenware. You can also order the four-pound Diestel Farms turkey breast a la carte.

Price: $60, serves 4 people
Order by: November 20
Pick-up: November 26, 2-5pm

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Sherman Oaks
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