Trivia nights, pub quizzes and game shows in New York City

These regularly scheduled trivia nights and live quiz shows will test your mental mettle (and offer handsome rewards).



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Find your perfect trivia night, pub quiz or game show. We've rounded up New York's city's top quiz nights, with puzzle-packed evenings dedicated to films, TV shows and other areas of no-longer-useless knowledge. These trivia nights will test your retention of random facts, popular culture and other minutiae, and in most cases, finishing first will net you and your team a prize ranging from a bar tab to cold, hard cash. Study up—or wrangle a smarty-pants friend or two—and check out these mental bouts.

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Lily P.
Lily P.

My favorite trivia spots in NYC are TriviaTryst on Wednesdays either at Stone Creel (27th & Lex) at 8pm or Boss Tweeds (Essex & Rivington) at 6:30pm. Free to play and you can win $50 off your bar tab. Questions are general knowledge (sports, music, movies, pop culture, history, food & bev, geography, business, tech, etc.) with Name That Tune rounds, which are great.