10 non-douchey rooftop bars

We all love a good rooftop bar with the breeze and the booze and the pretty sites for our eyes. But nothing ruins a night out or a nice bit of day drinking like an obnoxious crowd. You know the kind. The Beckys and Chads of the world.  Lucky for us, non-douchey rooftop bars do exist. Here are 10 of the best ones for you to check out, asshole-free™.

1. Northern Territory in Greenpoint

Photograph: Evelyn Derico

The Aussie owner couldn't take all those kangaroo attacks (we kid) so they brought a little bit of Down Under to Brooklyn. There's Australian cuisine plus authentic Oz-bred beers at this pub created by the same folks that brought you Berry Park.

2. Roof at Park South in Flatiron

Photograph: Filip Wolak

A cocktail bar without the cocky tude. And the view on this guy; you can see the lower Manhattan skyline from here.

3. Empire Hotel Rooftop in Columbus Circle


You can pretend you're a successful business tycoon as you stare from the top of the Empire Hotel at all the little people below before marveling at the amazing sunset. Then you can buy me a drink because you can afford it.  

4. The Heights Bar & Grill in Upper West Side


Expect over-stuffed burritos and margaritas at this extra friendly bar. If you're not at least happily tipsy when you leave here, you're not doing it right.

5. The Rock Shop, Gowanus

Photograph: Jessica Lin

This is the least pretentious rooftop bar in all of Brooklyn, in that there's a small bar and a patio, and that's about it. But the lack of amenities mean that there'll be room for you to get in the entire skyline, unobstructed, without fear of paying $15 for a mixed drink.

6.The Delancey on the Lower East Side

Photograph: Courtesy The Delancey

In terms of rooftops, this is about as close as you're gonna get that tropical island trip you've been planning with your boo. Watch out for the palm trees and lean back in a comfy lounge chair with your margarita.

7. Brass Monkey in Meatpacking District


Monkey business is allowed here, so of course you wanna get in on that. And the rotating list of 20 draft beers ain't nothin' to sneer at either.

8. Tavern 29 in Gramercy

Photograph: Courtesy Tavern 29

There's a beer garden on this roof. A garden of beers, we tell ya'.

9. Night of Joy in Williamsburg

Photograph: Jolie Ruben

Oh, joy! Here's a bar that straddle the line between divey and Victorian so well you'll think you're relaxing in a modern day version of an Oscar Wilde novel.

10. L'isola in Williamsburg

Photograph: Courtesy ACMB Photography

This place does chill the Italian way; food and drinks for days. Plus, there's pizza. And you know you can't turn down pizza.

Local West in West Midtown
It gets crowded up in here. And we know it's because of all that comfort food. Burgers, Philly cheese steaks, fries, oh my.

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You're out of your mind if you think that Empire isn't douchey