The best of Brooklyn: Bloggers' favorite local spots

We asked a few of our favorite Brooklyn bloggers for their recommendations of the borough’s best restaurants, shops, parks and more.



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Culture: An American Yogurt Company

Culture: An American Yogurt Company Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

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Erica Reitman, founder and editor of Fucked in Park Slope (

“I thought I knew what frozen yogurt was until I tried Culture. They’re a certified NYC dairy and make their own yogurt daily in their shop in all sorts of amazing flavors. They have crazy, special toppings like apple pie or cinnamon buns. It’s healthy and delicious, and completely and utterly addictive.” Culture: An American Yogurt Company, 331 Fifth Ave between 3rd and 4th Sts, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-499-0207,

“[Two Lovers] is curated by someone with some seriously fab taste. Everything is separated by color, so in addition to wanting to buy most things in the store, I’m always entranced by how pretty it all looks hanging on the rack. You can also sell your old clothes there, which is way less of a hassle than a stoop sale, and way better than dealing with my idea of hell on earth: interacting with the nasty chicks at Beacon’s Closet.” Two Lovers, 227 Fifth Ave between President and Union Sts, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-783-5683,

“Before there were Target and Walmart, there were stores like Save on Fifth. This place sells virtually everything under the sun related to your apartment: cleaning supplies, storage items, ice cube trays, you name it—it’s like a 99¢ store and a hardware store got married and had a baby. I always go with the intention of buying one thing, but come back with eight other random things that I may or may not have needed in the first place.” Save on Fifth, 421 Fifth Ave at 8th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-965-2040)

“Gone are my days of chasing around all the hottest NYC eyebrow artists, now that I’ve found Sabina at Venelle Salon. This woman is a magician, and always makes me look like I paid way more than I actually did for my fabulously shaped and tinted eyebrows. Don’t all go booking her at once though.… If I can’t get an appointment, I’m coming after you all.” Venelle Salon and Spa, 62 Seventh Ave between Berkeley and Lincoln Pls, Park Slope, Brooklyn (718-989-9855,

“Talde has fast become my favorite new restaurant in Park Slope. Anyone who comes up with the idea of combining pretzels with dumplings or bacon with pad thai is pretty much the ultimate genius in my mind. So props to former Top Chef contestant Dale Talde. They don’t take reservations unless you’re a party of six or more, so either find five friends or prepare to wait for a table.… But trust me, it’s worth it.” Talde, 369 Seventh Ave at 11th St, Park Slope, Brooklyn (347-916-0031,

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I wonder if Robert knows that one of the proprietresses of Bamonte's is a member of our local Community Board? I do. I'm going to bring this to her attention. I'm certain his back-handed "suggestion" will be amusing to her. And I stand by my endorsement of their blueberry cream pie: it's wonderful.


Frost > Bamonte’s, all the way.


I gotta wonder if Robert has ever actually been to Bamonte's. The only soundtrack at Bamonte's is the sound of people dining, talking, and maybe a little baseball game sound from the TV at the bar. They don't play music, Sinatra or otherwise. Secondly the old timers will not tell you Sinatra ate there, because he did not. Mike the bartender used to work at Jilly's, and waited on Sinatra there.