The best of Brooklyn: Bloggers' favorite local spots

We asked a few of our favorite Brooklyn bloggers for their recommendations of the borough’s best restaurants, shops, parks and more.



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Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant

Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Photograph: Donald Yip

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Heather Letzkus, founder of New York Shitty (

“As far as old-school Italian restaurants in North Brooklyn go, Bamonte’s gets the lion’s share of the attention. While certainly well-deserved (their blueberry cream pie is absolutely amazing), I think Frost deserves its moment in the spotlight. It is located a bit off the beaten path, but the fare and service make up for it. Best of all: While its purported specialty is seafood (and this they do very well), Frost is also very vegetarian-friendly. Tips: (1) Order the house salad. Their homemade Italian dressing is wonderful. (2) They gladly accommodate orders ‘off the menu.’ So ask! Added bonus: the decor has been untouched since (probably) the late 1960s or 1970s. I hope it stays that way.” Frost Restaurant, 193 Frost St at Humboldt St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-389-3347/718-389-7190,

“If one were to ask people to name a park in North Brooklyn, I’d hazard to guess most would respond as follows: McCarren (or specifically, its pool). It has certainly been the subject of a great deal of attention (and Caddyshack jokes, for that matter). Inasmuch I enjoy the film Caddyshack (and I really do), I think this is a shame, as there are a number of other lovely parks here. The newly opened WNYC Transmitter Park is one. Grand Ferry Park is another—[it’s]located on the former site of the Grand Street Ferry (which gets serious history-geek points from yours truly). I have a soft spot for this peaceful if petite piece of public space. On any given day, one will see a variety of Williamsburgers—be they old-timers or newcomers, young or old—enjoying it. Grand Ferry is truly a public park. A warning orcaveat: Some work is being conducted here presently, so it is looking a bit barren in parts.” Grand Ferry Park, Grand St at the East River, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (

“I am of Polish and Lithuanian descent, with a surname—replete with tongue-twisting consonants—to show for it. Nonetheless, I grew up in the Southwest: I prefer peppers to pierogi (although I do enjoy the latter on occasion). Unfortunately, ‘Little Poland’ is not exactly teeming with establishments which sell spicy foodstuffs. Thus, I have to venture a little further afield to get my fix. This I do at La Marqueta. Not only do they have all manner and variety of wonderful produce, including habanero peppers and culantro (think cilantro on steroids), but it is to be had very cheaply. Best of all, you’re supporting small businesses to boot. The adjacent shopping district on Graham Avenue is definitely worth a visit as well.” Moore Street Market, 110 Moore St at Humboldt St, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-384-1371)

“If there is one requirement to residing in the Garden Spot, it is a healthy appreciation of the absurd, and this can be found a five-minute walk from my home. It is called the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment [Plant], on whose premises can be found a ‘Nature Walk’ that abuts a national Superfund site, a visitor’s center [with] a fountain designed by world-renowned artist Vito Acconci and a variety of educational material. Not only are we No. 1 at processing New York City’s No. 2, but there are plenty of activities for the kids—including a mildly sinister-sounding Newtown Creek Nature Walk Scavenger Hunt! And of course the new defining feature of our skyline: an octet of anthropomorphic protuberances called ‘digester eggs.’ These are better known hereabouts as the ‘Shit Tits.’ The only thing this facility is lacking (in my humble opinion) is a gift shop. In the hope of getting this proverbial ball rolling, I have embarked upon creating souvenirs that pay homage to this Greenpoint landmark—including snow globes, cards and posters.” Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Visitor Center, 329 Greenpoint Ave at Humboldt St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (718-595-6600,

“What does one do with a parking lot in the shadow of the Shit Tits? The ladies of Domestic Construction asked themselves this very question and decided a garden was in order. To this end, they asked the community to help make Design.Plot happen. Guess what: We did! Not only was their fund-raising goal on Kickstarter reached, but it was surpassed. Not only was it wonderful to see people of all stripes rally behind this cause, but some much-needed ‘green’ has been put back in Greenpoint.” Design.Plot, 216 India St between McGuinness Blvd and Provost St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn (

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I wonder if Robert knows that one of the proprietresses of Bamonte's is a member of our local Community Board? I do. I'm going to bring this to her attention. I'm certain his back-handed "suggestion" will be amusing to her. And I stand by my endorsement of their blueberry cream pie: it's wonderful.


Frost > Bamonte’s, all the way.


I gotta wonder if Robert has ever actually been to Bamonte's. The only soundtrack at Bamonte's is the sound of people dining, talking, and maybe a little baseball game sound from the TV at the bar. They don't play music, Sinatra or otherwise. Secondly the old timers will not tell you Sinatra ate there, because he did not. Mike the bartender used to work at Jilly's, and waited on Sinatra there.