4:48 // 2017 Edition

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4:48 // 2017 Edition
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4:48 // 2017 Edition says
This year, our 4 brand new speed-written plays by Edith Freni, Neeley Gossett, Addae Afura Moon and Theroun Patterson, will be inspired by Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, just in time to celebrate the book's 200th anniversary. In addition to our reading, we'll be engaging with STEM faculty at Emory University whose research interests include the ability of complex biological structures to "self-assemble" and how we might be able to harness evolutionary forces to create "new structures with new function."

More on the playwrights: http://448plays.tumblr.com/Abouttheartists

*The event will take place in the Theater Lab at Schwartz Center For Performing Arts.


Act I // 4:00pm

"The White Dwarf" by Theroun D’Arcy Patterson

Mary and Micah move into a fixer-upper in the idyllic neighborhood of Lake Halcyon. As the unpacking occurs, secrets begin to spill forth from the charred room upstairs. Mary takes on strange new habits, as the winds bring the past crashing through the front door.


"Indian Maeve" by Neeley Gossett

Nadine, a lepidopterist, is in India to clone an endangered butterfly. While there, she has to make a personal decision about science and ethics.

Act II // 5:30pm

"The Rights of Men" by Edith Freni

A bros weekend gone awry, a great escape from a terrible place and an irresponsible act of "scientific magic." Three stories collide in this time-bending epic exploration of what it means to be a (hu)man in an ethically slippery world.


"A Light Beneath the Skin" By Addae Moon

As Victoria struggles with the trauma of her current life in an isolated southern town, a doorway into a haunting future emerges.
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