Anti Bullying Water Balloon Fight By The Push Back Project

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Anti Bullying Water Balloon Fight By The Push Back Project
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Anti Bullying Water Balloon Fight By The Push Back Project says
Our next outing is finally here!

Join us at Piedmont Park for a wonderful afternoon of water balloon fighting fun! This event is hosted by The Push Back Project, a 501c3 non-profit organization which hosts outings for those that have been bullied and those against bullying.


A life journey

When I was younger, I was bullied. Eventually things got so bad that I attempted suicide. When I got help, and lived through it, I vowed to fight against bullying so no one would have to go through what I went through. That is when I started, The Push Back Project.

The PBP is a non-violent organization that educates about bullying and builds support groups for those in need. With our monthly meetings, people participate in activities that teach the after-affects of bullying and will meet new people that can relate to their hurt.

With the money raised for The Push Back Project, I will be able to get more guest speakers, better activities for the atendee to play, something for them to take home, and my ultimate goal, to purchase a building where students can come to before or after school and just hang out with new friends. School can be the hardest place to be sometimes, it can be nice to just get away and hang out.

Please donate. I have put my life and soul into this project because I truly believe it is worth it. I hope you do too. The Push Back Project saved my life, I know it can save many more.

Our Mission
What we aim to do is the travel from school to school and build support groups for bullied students. Not only do we want to help those in need, we also want to educate the entire school about bullying and ways they can help prevent it. In many counties, there is a school policy stating that in order for a school to do something about a bully, he or she must be reported at least three times. In reality, most students are too ashamed or scared to come forth to the principal or faculty member. Because of this fear, the suicide rates sky rocket. These days, the media has created a new term for someone that has committed suicide due to bullying. This term I am referring to is, Bullycide. Our meetings help people from all around Atlanta come together, fight for what they believe in, and provides an enviornment to create friendships with people in a similar situation that you may be in.

We ask that a donation is made to reserve your space. No donation is too small. Please follow the tickets link to reserve you place.

**Meeting location photo shared under discussions. We will be meeting at the gazebo on the bridge by the playground and pool. If you have any questions, or need assistance in finding this location, please feel free to call Polina Williams at 404-797-3290.**
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By: The Push Back Project

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