Apawcalypse Meow: Meowrtal Kombat! @ Kaleidoscape 01/15/16

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Apawcalypse Meow: Meowrtal Kombat! @ Kaleidoscape 01/15/16
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Apawcalypse Meow: Meowrtal Kombat! @ Kaleidoscape 01/15/16 says
Apawcalypse Meow has been such a hardcore success that we've decided to throw another one to celebrate the new year in early 2016 - APAWCALYPSE MEOW: MEOWRTAL KOMBAT! :D Come dressed up as a cat - or your favorite Mortal Kombat character - and enjoy what is sure to be another meow-nificent night! :3 Like last time we will be having a hardstyle, hardcore, handup, gabber, etc. stage as well as a softcore stage - playing some excellent trance, dnb, house, disco and chill!



9pm : Illusion
10pm : 8NINE
11pm : Party Pat
12am : Dropswitch with Infexzion (VA)
1am : Catte Vest & Mom Jeans
2am : Illnoize
3am : Fritz
4am : Tracy Levine
5am : Chree


10pm : Infinity Ratio
11pm : Ed in ATL & Citizen Snips
12am : Exhilaration
1am : Markove (D.C.)
2am : Macroid
3am : Crisis

BOSS FIGHT aka Wave Room:
! ! ! 9pm - 6am: BRIAN TEDDER ! ! !

Throwing down the hottest hardcore, DnB, hardstyle, gabber, electro, tribal house, nu-disco, future house, deep house, jam, reggae and hands up YOU'VE EVER HEARD.

Wait... does it get better? YES. :D All this amazing cat party action can be yours for just $5.00 entry - ALL NIGHT - wow! What's the catch? You have to wear a cat costume! :D This means drawing a cat face on your face and putting on something furry... ears, tails, fluffies, tutus... wearing actual cats. IT'S NOT THAT HARD, PARTICIPATE! :3 It'll be fun, srsly ...just let it happen ;)

$5 entry w/ Cat or Mortal Kombat Costume (see below definition)! -|- $15 Normal Entry -|- No Alcohol -|- 18+ Only -|- $5 Secured Parking

CAT COSTUME: To qualify for our cat costume discount you must have a cat face on, at the most basic this is taking a sharpie, coloring your nose, drawing, wiskers, cat cheeks, etc. Be creative! A cat mask is also fine, including decorated masquerade masks. We will accept other animals as well as long as you're costumes on fleek ;) In addition to "cat face" you also need at least three articles of furriness - one article is defined as: cat ears, a animal tail, furry leggings, furry tops, furry bottoms, furry boots, spirit hoods, etc. Each of these is one article, three are required for $5 discount. Basically just make a great costume and you're golden! :3
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By: Kaleidoscape