Beginner’S Series: Go Deeper With The Yogic Breath

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Beginner’S Series: Go Deeper With The Yogic Breath

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Mondays · February 2 — March 2 with Candika Kim Alford This five-week class series on yogic breath work, called pranayama, will teach you about the powerful connection between the mind, body and heart. Pranayama is one of the key practices for experiencing the depth of yoga. Pranayama increases your vitalityand harmonizes heart-mind-body, creating an energy envelope that supports your well-being. Increasing awareness and control of the breath, you can learn to concentrate more deeply and meditate more effectively. This series will introduce you to traditional breath techniques and the bandhas (yogic seals) to give you a strong foundation in your yoga and meditation practices. The conscious yogic breath is quintessential for experiencing the full spectrum of yoga. With this tool you can build a container for deeper awareness, which expands outward into your daily life. With knowledge of the breath’s secrets, it is easier to remember the radiant being that you are, and that every moment is an opportunity to practice yoga. A combination of pranayama, foundational yoga postures and breath meditations, will teach you to open to the power of the moment, release stress and unblock the energy channels of your being, revealing a powerhouse of healing potential. Not only will your yoga practice improve, you’ll have tools to promote calmness and clarity in your everyday world. These classes will give you a safe container to explore these breath practices and the guidance to incorporate this into a more advanced yoga and meditation practice. Ultimately, you will be able to apply this knowledge to a personal home practice. You are encouraged to take notes and ask questions in order to get the most out of this series of classes. Suitable for all experience levels. Pricing: 5 Week Workshop $70 $60 with registration by January 26 $45 with unlimited yoga pass $45 for current members

By: Kashi Atlanta Ashram