Best Little Hootenanny In The Verse

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Best Little Hootenanny In The Verse
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Best Little Hootenanny In The Verse says
Take the grand staircase up to sunnydale. Party is at the bottom of the crater. Watch out for the skinless dude… He’s creepy.
The Hootenanny is a MULTIFANDOM event! All things Whedon will be represented, but we have also invited along some friends. The Urban Fantasy and The Puppetry track will be joining in the fun.
One of the unique and new things about this event is that it isn’t just a dance. It is an AWESOME dance that can LITERALLY transport you different universes… okay maybe not literally. We are going to have photo stations set up on one side of the ballroom where you can take a selfie in your favorite verse!
There will be portals to:
The Offices of Angel Investigations and Wolfram and Hart
Our favorite Firefly class ship: Serenity
Stark Tower
The Cargo Bay of the Bus (where something shiny and red is parked ;))
The Control Room
The Evil League of Evil
Lawrence, Kansas
The Institute
Beacon Hills
The Labyrinth
King County Morgue
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By: WhedonUniverse Track @ DragonCon

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