Carapace Raconteurs: Secrets

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Carapace Raconteurs: Secrets
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Carapace Raconteurs: Secrets says
Hey, it's Randy at Carapace, and we have our theme for the next show.

Come one, come all, and bring your five-minute, true personal stories crafted around once-covert, previously hidden, hitherto undisclosed stuff.


Maybe your lover kept it from you (or you kept it from your lover). Maybe backdoor doings at work stayed under wraps until the cover got blown. Maybe something family-related hush-hush was blurted by a youthful innocent or a mischievous elder. We wanna hear the beginning, middle, and end.

Oh, we're not asking that you unveil private matters or embarrass anyone (other than yourself? That usually makes for a good story) with a salacious narrative. SECRETS can be about simply telling what's not been uttered before ... out of discretion, or perhaps out of an overly strict idea of "good taste," or out of an understandable wish to avoid criminal prosecution.

Make a reservation to ensure a ringside seat as information is de-classified during SECRETS.

See you at Venkman's!
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By: Carapace