Chakra Balancing Yoga Experience With Essential Oils | $25

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Chakra Balancing Yoga Experience With Essential Oils | $25
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Chakra Balancing Yoga Experience With Essential Oils | $25 says
Balance your chakra system during this two-hour experiential yoga workshop. Each chakra will be explained, along with opportunities to experience specific essential oils and yoga poses to release energy blockages.

Price $25

About the Chakras:
What are chakras? Chakras are centers of energy located all over our body. We have seven major chakras located along our spine to the crown of the head. They are responsible for directing the flow of energy through our bodies. Our chakras may either be open or closed, depending on our mental, physical, and spiritual state at any given time.

Every feeling and all of our senses are integrated with a different chakra. Each chakra is linked to a different part of the endocrine system. When we experience stress or other environmental factors, the chakras can become blocked making our bodies natural energies work too hard. Blocked chakras can manifest in physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. Keeping the chakras open and balanced keeps our energies flowing correctly and can help keep us healthy.

About Essential Oils:
The use of essential oils is one way to achieve this balance. We use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils and like to think of it as taking vitamins for your chakras. They give your body a boost and help blocked or unbalanced chakras heal.

Yoga and essential oils are a perfect match. Essential oils can be used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications and can be used a single oil at a time or in complex blends depending on user experience and desired benefit. They harmonize perfectly with a yoga practice
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By: Roswell Yoga Life

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