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Code•Pup says
BAR•CODE brings CODE•PUP to the Atlanta Eagle. Get your PUP•GEAR and those squeeky toys out and come play!

BAR•CODE (What Code Is Your Mode) Next code is PUP. Know your code in this party hosted at the Atlanta Eagle.

Bar - a counter or place where beverages, especially liquors, or light meals are served to customers:

Code - a word, letter, number, or other symbol used in a code system to mark, represent, or identify something:

Mode - a manner of acting or doing; method; way:

Pup - 1) a younger man/boy that an older man is involved with sexually. He is a pup because he is still trainable, unlike a "dawg". 2) The human puppy is a person that enjoys acting and even dressing like a dog or puppy. He/She is playful, full of mischief and is always needing attention. Puppies dress in many different ways from being naked, to wearing full body suites. Depending on you as a pup it is what you feel comfortable in or what you have a fetish for. There are many types of pups, Leather pups, Rubber pups, Latex pups etc. and many accessories to help you to become the perfect pup. 3) adj. Origin "puppy" another word of saying someone is cute.
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By: Bar•code

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