Comedy Shorts Night At Atl Indie Film Fest

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Comedy Shorts Night At Atl Indie Film Fest
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Comedy Shorts Night At Atl Indie Film Fest says
Thursday, 1/26/17 @8:00pm

The Grey Matter
Comedy, 8:56
A black suburbanite is confronted by his urban alter ego.
The Fall Dude
Comedy, 14:52
An inexperienced actor gets mistaken for a stunt man.
Extra School
Comedy, 15:00
A film extra teaches students the secrets to being 'background artistes' and faces his arch acting rival.
Extra Cheese Please
Comedy, 15:16
Control freak Annie throws her sassy foreign exchange student a surprise birthday party, but when barely anyone shows up or wants to partake in her 'fun activities' an unexpected pizza delivery guy enters and tosses things up!
Thursday Night Downtown
Comedy, 16:44
One night can change everything. An overachiever who thinks she is in control of everything in her life discovers that she is not even close.
Now Casting
Comedy, 20:46
A day in the life of two Casting Directors as they navigate the challenges of an open casting call.
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By: Pinch 'n' Ouch Theatre