Crom Fest 2016 Comedy Wiffleball Atlanta Vs The World

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Crom Fest 2016 Comedy Wiffleball   Atlanta Vs The World
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Crom Fest 2016 Comedy Wiffleball Atlanta Vs The World says
"I see great things in [Wiffleball]. It's our game - the [Crom Comedy Festival 2016] game. It will take our [comics] out-of-doors, fill them with [booze], give them a larger physical stoicsm. Tend to relieve us from [open mics]. Repair these loses and be a blessing to us." -Walt Whitman (Conan & VH1)

Atlanta locals captained by Andrew Michael vs comics from the rest of the country, that's right New York and LA on the same team as Denver and Chicago, will this house be able to stand under the captainship (wow that's a word) of Atlanta expat Jake Head? We'll find out Saturday May 21st at noon.

Q: I'm a comic not in the festival, but I still want to play. Can I?
A: Yeah! Come on out, and play for your hometown team.

Q: Will I need to bring a glove or anything?
A: Nope.

Q: How do I sign up to play?
A: Shoot me a message to be included in the event page, or just show up.

Q: What is Wiffleball?
A: Essentially Baseball with a plastic bat and a ball that moves weird.

Q: Well Jake, I don't want to play in the game, but I'd like to be involved, what can I do?
A: Anything that adds to the general pageantry of the game. We'd love a national anthem performance, managers, mascots, celebrities to throw out the first pitch, scummy agents, big league scouts, if you're a soldier that could be reunited with their family that'd be cool, and plenty of drunk fans. If you're interested in doing any of these message me.
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