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Debate! Trans Bathroom Rights
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It’s that time of the month again… No, not Megyn Kelly’s lady cycle, it’s time for another Debate!, Atlanta's premiere political comedy screaming match.

Have you ever been in a public bathroom and thought, wow, that dude peeing next to me sure looks threatening? Was your first instinct to hide your kids, your wife, and your last remaining shreds of human decency behind your ever trusty Jesus shield? Or did you just think that maybe you should stop thinking so hard about what other people are doing in public restrooms? QUIT BEING SUCH CREEPY WEIRDO ALREADY!

That’s right, we’re taking bathroom humor to the literal level as our teams debate one of history’s greatest questions: where should people pee? Do transgender Americans deserve the right to shit wherever they damn well please, or do their basic biological needs violate every God-fearing citizen’s right to fear everything a vengeful God tells them to fear? When do these laws stop protecting freedom, and start promoting hate? Let’s put the FUN back in fundamental extremism and Debate!

Team leaders Zaida Sanchez and Oyle Harrison will draw on their own personal experiences as they decimate each other on the battlefield of discourse — and leave no man (trans or cis) behind. Each team will present their arguments, then the audience will vote for the side they think said it best. That’s right, the power is in your hands; and just like in real politics, whoever has the most money — er, votes — wins! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, six well-prepared panelists and three mildly political & most likely intoxicated hosts will tell you what to think about one of today’s most divisive issues… and don’t forget to bring cash to buy extra votes because this is America, DAMMIT!

Doors at 8, Show at 8:30
Tickets are $10
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By: Debate ATL