#Do The Bike Thing 40,000 Laps For Youth | Bike A Thon!

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#Do The Bike Thing   40,000 Laps For Youth | Bike A Thon!
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#Do The Bike Thing 40,000 Laps For Youth | Bike A Thon! says
WeCycle Atlanta is embarking on our most ambitious fundraiser yet to raise funds to support youth in West Atlanta. We WILL raise $40,000 by increasing awareness about our program and the youth that deserve and need engaging and community centered programming. Our 40 Hours and a Bicycle Program is an earn a bicycle program that teaches youth (10) things:

1 How to Fix Their Own Bicycle
2 How to ride their bicycle safely
3 How to advocate for cycling and agricultural causes
4 How to grow and maintain a garden

Along with our W.H.E.E.L.S. Principles:

5 Work - Ethics
6 Health
7 Education
8 Environment
9 Leadership
10 Sustainability

Wecycle Atlanta is a budding non-profit and we are going to be honest... getting funding has been a deterrent in our quest to aid more youth and low-income residents. We've been too busy to give this aspect our full attention because of one major thing: We spend most of our time ACTUALLY ENGAGING YOUTH. Though we just recently became a non-profit organization we've provided over 300 Youth with Bicycle over the last 2 years while engaging 75 Youth in our 40 Hours and a Bike Program. We've done a lot with a little and we've been HARD AT WORK. Now... we want to reach more youth, and get more Atlantans on W.H.E.E.L.S.

On June 6th at 11a.m. Wecycle Atlanta will embark on a bike-a-thon to raise $40,000 by cycling 40 Thousand Laps around Atlanta's Historic West End Park. The bicycle ride will be lead by youth who have graduated from our 40 Hours and a Bicycle Program. Oh... and we are playing by COACH CARTER'S RULES! This means you can join in getting us to our goal of 40,000 LAPS FOR YOUTH and $40,000 for Wecycle Atlanta Inc. Programming for Youth! YOUR LAPS COUNTS TOWARDS OUR FINAL GOAL!


All Wecyle Atlanta knows how to do is GO HARD and PUSH THE ENVELOPE to get the resources we need to aid our youth. We want to GUIDE them through the streets and lead them to opportunity. WE REFUSE TO STAND BY AND DO NOTHING SO WE WILL BIKE FOR THEIR FUTURE! We hope that you will join us!


40,000 LAPS is no small feat, but I believe that WE can do it to raise $40,000 for our youth's immediate future.

JOIN US LIVE on Twitter and the new PERISCOPE app where you can view, tweet, and encourage us LIVE!

DONATE TO 40 HOURS AND A BIKE: http://igg.me/at/40HoursAndABike/x/4826113
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By: WeCycle Atlanta

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