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Fort For Atlanta House Party
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Fort For Atlanta House Party says

As many of you know, Senator Vincent Fort is running for Mayor of Atlanta, and we couldn't be more excited! Finally a candidate that represents a new direction for Atlanta, a direction that puts priority on the needs of regular, everyday people and building a city that works for all of us!

If you are interested in learning more about his campaign, please join us upstairs at JavaVino on Sunday, January 29th at 7pm. We can enjoy the refreshments they have on offer, and there will be plenty of time for any questions you may have.

Senator Fort stands for:
* Prioritizing fair and affordable housing
* Creating a living wage
* Decriminalizing cannabis inside the city of Atlanta
* Keeping police accountable
* Establishing free two year college for Atlanta high school graduates
* Prioritizing environmental justice
* Protecting equality for all people
* Ending corporate takeovers of community schools
* Investing in the arts

We’ll be talking about the future of our city, how we can help shape it into a better place for everyone, and how we can make more progress with a mayor ready to listen to the people – not just developers and big business.
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