~Free~ Ice Cream Social Dance Night! Featuring: Parlour Tricks // Terror Pigeon! // Methdad // Michael Parallax // Dj Tara

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~Free~ Ice Cream Social Dance Night! Featuring: Parlour Tricks // Terror Pigeon! // Methdad // Michael Parallax // Dj Tara

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Hey suzie, whats up? oh nothing fredward, just headed to the mammal gallery's bananas and creme bonanza of a tuesday night sugar rush dance party. ice cold maa lady! yah i mean wowow zowo its gonna be kinda crazy. like 3 electrobamma pop sensations and then a six piece gritty meets pretty pop band with backup singers, matching outfits, and choreography synced up dance moooves. so its like gregory peck meets aphex twin's twin brother at a black tie ice cream event, they somehow end up crash landing the millennium falcon onto planet james brown from the future past perfect, and then proceed to introduce james brown to disco dan deacon? oh no no noooo silly boi! its more like a charlie chaplin is at a rollar rink right? he spies this girl investing a continual stream of quarters in an arcane arcade machine. it looks like jackie onasis from afar, but when he skates closer he realizes its belle from belle and sebastian in facepaint, holding a 3 headed teddy beardragon. startled, but not afraid, he leans closer and finds that the video game she is playing isnt really a video game, but rather that guy from maroon 5, forcing her to feed him quarters in order for him not to bend the vacuum of air (therefore essentially rupturing the delicate balance of tranquility and rendering the whole world incapable of rotation, devastating mother gaia into a full fledged orbital rift) with his 'electronic music' she looks up at him, forgetting all about the quarters and, awestruck by charlie's beauty, falls head over heels for him. maroon 5 guy loses it, lets loose a beat and charlie chaplin counters with the coolest riff this side of miles davis' 1982 grammy performance. suddenly gummy bears and pretzels rain from the sky and maroon 5 guy takes a hike down to guitar center. when charlie goes in for that candyrain soaked first kiss, he discovers that belle is made of ice cream and orgone. PARLOUR TRICKS - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FRg-PMxlcc#t=83 - Named number 1 NYC pop band of 2014 by the Village Voice http://www.villagevoice.com/bestof/2014/award/best-pop-band-5026645/ Terror Pigeon! -this writer at stereogum says "The happiest, most pure moment of music this year... Based on these five minutes, I'd follow Terror Pigeon! blindly to the ends of the earth."- http://terrorpigeon.bandcamp.com/ Methdad -"heart-on-sleeve dance music. tailor made to get you through a dull Tuesday afternoon at the office or a messy breakup on the dance floor. " http://worldsgreatestmethdad.bandcamp.com/ Michael Parrallax - "I can't remember the last time a show left me feeling so purely happy… a very specific sort of experience, and it's one that will leave you changed for the better––if you allow it" - http://michael-parallax.bandcamp.com/ Local beatstress DJ Taradactyl will be spinning the jamsss between sets and after. spin it to win it! get in the zen zone! https://www.facebook.com/DjTaradactyl ALSO THIS GOING TO be AN ICE CREAM SOCIAL! YAH ice cream and dance music The Mammal Gallery

By: The Mammal Gallery

Event website: https://www.facebook.com/776183689138481
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