*Free Show Tonight!* The 200's W/ Progger, The Indie Revenge, And Melissa Mc Milan @ Aisle 5

*Free Show Tonight!*   The 200's W/ Progger, The Indie Revenge, And Melissa Mc Milan @ Aisle 5
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*Free Show Tonight!* The 200's W/ Progger, The Indie Revenge, And Melissa Mc Milan @ Aisle 5 says
The 200s w/ Progger, The Indie Revenge, and Melissa McMilan @ Aisle 5
Tuesday, April 7th, 2015
FREE SHOW // All Ages

The 200's

The 200s are a groove/funk 4-piece from Atlanta, GA. The band came together by accident on a tour of the US Virgin Islands. In the of process entertaining tourists, locals, and the crew of a passing research vessel it became obvious that the band was onto something. That something was a certifiable gold mine of good times. The 200s will entertain you and make you happy, if you let them. They are having a good time. Let them have a good time with you.
Each member is a successful sideman for a variety of Atlanta touring acts : Col Bruce Hampton, The Last Waltz Ensemble, Jimmy Hall, Velveteen Pink, The Atlanta Funk Society, and more. The group combines a natural deep groove with thoughtful songwriting, yielding a captivating danceable sound.The 200s know what they are doing and how to put on a great show. They don't know how not to do that.


Progger lays beautiful, sophisticated melody and harmony over visceral grooves and beats from funk, soul, world, and electronic dance music. Combining the experience of some of the most in-demand touring and session musicians from the vibrant Texas music scene, Progger has quickly built a reputation for being one of the most skilled, tight, and captivating live bands in the country, and has garnered praise from producers and musicians throughout the nation. Progger is currently playing shows and tours to support their second studio recording, Populace, which was released on May 13, 2014. Their debut album, Beatmaker, was released in February 2013.

The Indie Revenge

The Indie Revenge walks into record stores with sledgehammers. When the screaming stops and the floors are covered in broken vinyl, they glue it all back together and force the clerk hiding behind the counter to put their creation on the turntable. Four of Atlanta’s top improvisational musicians come together to create complex arrangements on the fly,taking cues from a bevy of influences including rock, soul, funk, jazz and metal. Taking direction only from chaos and the look in each other’s eyes, The Indie Revenge creates an experience for the listener that can’t be replicated.
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