Gf • Cooks Notes // A Performance Art Cooking Show | Gf Presents

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Gf • Cooks Notes // A Performance Art Cooking Show | Gf Presents

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C O O K S N O T E S / / A Performance Art Cooking Show featuring composer & chef K L I M C H A K Thursdays-Sundays, March 5th - March15th at 8:00pm CooksNotes is an innovative twist on an intimate chef dinner. The chef-composer’s self-designed musical instruments were made out of kitchen equipment. An original piece of music was written to be played on each of the home-built cooking implements. For CooksNotes, Klimchak will give a concert of that music WHILE cooking food on each of the instruments. By the end of the concert, he will have made a complete meal for the audience to eat and enjoy. PRICE: $35, seating is limited to 25 people PRE-PURCHASE TICKETS ONLY: Advance Ticket sales ONLY for this event since food must be purchased for each days performance! Samples of the Instruments and Music Concepts from CooksNotes include: •• A xylophone made out of glass bowls, which drain into a single large container. Ingredients for punch are poured into the bowls, which are played as they drain & mix up punch. •• A large cutting board with different-sized compartments inside so it will make a variety of pitches when food is chopped on it. The sounds are fed into a looper pedal so different percussive & vocal sounds can be layered. The cutting board will be used to chop the ingredients for an appetizer spread. •• A set of 12-24 electric blenders, each of which is tuned to a specific pitch. They will be filled with the ingredients for a chilled soup, which will be blended together as the different pitches of the blenders make a composition. •• A 24-inch wok with an attached high temperature microphone is used to stir fry rice & vegetables. The sounds of the sizzling ingredients and the metallic sounds as spatulas toss them are fed into a computer for looping & sound manipulation, controlled by a set of experimental electronic gloves that Klimchak is beta-testing for Imogen Heap especially for this show. •• A sound score for video projections of a series of fights and battles edited together from old martial arts movies. Salad is made onstage using the rhythms of the fighting. This live foley score uses the amplified sounds of vegetable tearing & cutting to imitate & accompany the punches & kicks of the on-screen action. •• Crisp flatbread made over a flame tube that changes appearance as music is played into an attached speaker. Klimchak will control the flames with some home-built instruments and a theremin. •• A composition for vegetable woodwinds. Root vegetables are carved into flutes/whistles to be played by the audience. Each of the audience instruments will have a single pitch. The audience is taught a simple hocket-based melody/rhythm line to play on their instruments. As they play, Klimchak plays a lead line on full-tuned vegetable clarinets, flutes and duduks. At the end a dip is provided so the audience can eat their instruments. CooksNotes is a recipient of the Goat Farm Arts Center’s Arts Investment Package (AIP). The Goat Farm’s AIP vehicle funds, produces & presents experimental & innovative works that “pattern-break” & excite new thinking. The Goat Farm’s Review Board recognizes that consistent vanguard arts programming contributes to Atlanta’s global relevancy. CooksNotes is supported in part by the Mayor‘s Office of Cultural Affairs. VIDEO GUAC & ROLL || a workshop performance and process segment for CookNotes PUNCH || an early rehearsal video for Cook Notes ABOUT KLIMCHAK: Klimchak specializes in electro-acoustic music for theater, dance and live solo performance. He is the winner of the 2009 Loridans Arts Award, a $15,000 cash prize given to "accomplished artists who have made exceptional contributions to the arts life of Atlanta" or as it's often called, "Atlanta's MacArthur Genius Award." Klimchak's 2009 score for Titus Andronicus at Ga Shakespeare won a Suzi Award for best sound design. His homebuilt instruments & performances were displayed in 2010 in the art show Limitless at Agnes Scott College. In January 2011, Klimchak was given a grant by Idea Capital to design & make some new percussion instruments & compose music for them. These will be performed in 2011-2012 by a group of 4 musicians as flash percussion performances, in a series titled Klimchak's Lebeato Lounge. As a solo performer, Klimchak gives shows in clubs and alternative spaces, which feature his talents on the amazing Don Buchla Marimba Lumina. With the Marimba Lumina Klimchak is able to perform live music that would normally take at least 4 musicians. His multi-instrumental compositions are played with 4 separate mallets, six foot pedals and a breath controller. As added touches, his sets usually include 4 or 5 small percussion instruments, ethnic wind instruments, and some chanting or tuvan throat singing. And on a good evening he'll also add in some theremin to the mix. ________________________________________ ABOUT THE GOAT FARM ARTS CENTER We seek the interesting. We seek the risk takers. We are your purveyor of intriguing cultural programs. Check out upcoming Goat Farm selections: The Goat Farm AIP (Arts Investment Package) Believing the arts to be an economic driver for Atlanta, the Goat Farm Arts Center provides its performance and exhibition halls through a curatorial process. Once selected the Goat Farm invests in and works with the artists and/or performance groups to actualize the concept. All Goat Farm Recipients receive its AIP (Arts Investment Package) which includes financial assistance, direct funding, production assistance, marketing assistance and rehearsal / performance / exhibition / classroom space. Mark DiNatale: Director of Operations/Programming Mercer West: Director of Special Projects Danny Davis: Technical Director Tian Justman: Director of Aesthetics Jessica Collins: Warhorse Café Director Justin Newton: Videographer Jessica Gonzalez: Design & Digital Bang! Arts: Public Relations Sean Haley: Special Projects Chief Dave Sturgis: Special Projects Chief Dan Carey Bailey: Special Projects Team Chris Childs: Special Projects Team Julian Hinshaw: Special Proects Team Luca Barolli: Special Projects Team John Cable: Special Projects Team ________________________________________

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