Justice Yeldham, Fiat Nil, Dubb Normal

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Justice Yeldham, Fiat Nil, Dubb Normal
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Justice Yeldham, Fiat Nil, Dubb Normal says
Justice Yeldham
"First up, I got to see this guy perform live – and I seriously was not expecting that.

There’s no blood but the intensity of the emotion reminds me of early Neubauten or Nina Simone or someone: he has a trunk full of effects and delay and distortion pedals, and he’s not scared to use them. He blows crazy shit across a shaped plate of glass for 20 or 30 minutes or so, and it’s crazy shit good – so good, that when he started I figured Nicola had slipped on an extraordinarily loud noise tape and I could not quite understand why everyone was crowding around the ‘stage’.

The noise is incredible – and when I type ‘noise’, I mean layers of sound, texture, understanding, dissonant harmony. Really incredible. I never was much one for guitar shredding or extended drum fills or virtuoso vocal acrobatics, but it seems the one thing that will really get my pulse racing is some glass shredding. Seriously. This is body-expanding. Sometimes I’m laughing out loud at the nerve and brilliance of it. Sometimes, I just want to fuck shit up (plus ça change). Halfway across it bothers me that few people are dancing amid the ruins but then I figure they too are too stupefied.

Justice tells me afterwards that he can’t get booked no more: this is only his second performance this year. Man, this man should be headlining the fucking Sydney Opera House. He’s a fucking MASTER or MISTRESS, or have it what you will, of his chosen instrument. I feel the same empathy towards his music that others doubtless feel for fucking Kevin Shields. (Not literally fucking Kevin Shields, you understand – though maybe some feel that too.) He can’t get booked cos he’s an experimental artist – frequently gets called a ‘performance artist’, much to his disgust – and so he’s meant to be always switching around, trying out new ideas and forms, not concentrate for several years on becoming the world’s leading glass shredder."

- Everett True on Brisbane 210614

Graham Moore (TLASILA, Cursory) & Chris White (Magicicada, Mission Trips)

Dubb Normal
DUBB NORMAL is the current alias of legendary avant-technician justin waters, a mysterious chaotic neutral wizard of considerable intellect whom wanders the continental united states barefoot like cane from "kung fu," casting off oscillating charm spells and heady bass upon any who cross his path.
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