Kolab Ent Presents: Fractal Flow 2.0! Mind Warp

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Kolab Ent Presents: Fractal Flow 2.0! Mind Warp
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Kolab Ent Presents: Fractal Flow 2.0! Mind Warp says
==DaSilva w/ Feziboi==
== DJ Charlie Horse==


Perma-Trip is a high energy Dj/Producer duo. These two produce and spin Dubstep, Trap, and Hybrid. In a little over over a year in the scene they have played events with regional headliners and have played at numerous clubs and festivals in the Atlanta area. Perma-Trip has a gotten an original track released on Shadow Phoenix Network and placed in in the top ten remixes of UAnimals Track "Get Phucked Up".


"On stage, @DaSilva gets the floor moving with Riddim, House and Drum and Bass. In his own compositions, DaSilva doesn’t stick to one genre. Ranging from Hardcore, to House, Dubstep to Drum and Bass and everything in between, he’s sure to surprise you with each release! With support from @Tantrem Records, DaSilva continues to rise as a notable artist in the underground scene"

We also have these great vendors to supply you if you are in need of a flow toy!

Venders brought to you by:


From Columbus to Atlanta we have come far to bring you a show of epic proportions! We are Kolab Entertainment of Columbus, Georgia and we are the most diverse entertainment group around with the staff itself being composed of all artists of some form! Come prepared for a night of flow, fire, famiy, music, and fun! This is Kolab's second time hitting ATL ever as a group! Come show some love to your family!

Kolab what kind of music do you play?
We play it all little Timmy. Going to one event and hearing all Trap or all Hybrid is just too much. No. We play ALOT. To name a few: Garage, Glitch, Downtempo, Minimal, Techno, Hardstyle, Hardcore, Melbourne Bounce, House, Electro, and more!!!

Yea yea yea but will I fit in if Im a shuffling furry with 9 tails that explodes into glitter?!
We love and accept everyone! Nobody will ever be left out of Kolab! If youre goth, come out in all black, covered in chains. If your furry, come in full fur suit. If your 99 in a hospital bed and wanna come have a party shooooooot we are down if you can handle it!

Alright what time are you guys closing up then?
Dunno, whenever K-Scape decides theyve had enough of us I guess! Haha! For real though we will probably be done at around 6AM.

How much is this gonna cost me?
TAKE ALL THE MONEY! Not really, we arent the government, just a 10$ entry is all! Oh and since we are big on flow toys, its an extra $5 off if you bring your flow toy with you!!! (ALSO THERE WILL BE A 5$ PARKING FEE)

Noooooo we havent. We are currently trying to set up a ride share before the event so everyone in Columbus who wants to attend can get on board and come on up to ATL and party with us! :)

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By: B055Flow Promotion Co