Mallika Kaushal For Sba Student Defender!!!

Mallika Kaushal For Sba Student Defender!!!
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Mallika Kaushal For Sba Student Defender!!! says
As you may know, Mallika Kaushal is running for SBA Student Defender. Why should you vote for her? Well, here are just a few reasons:

1. Mallika is awesome. And if you don't know that already then you should. Seriously, is there a person at this school who she hasn't struck up a conversation with?

2. She's super involved at Emory Law. She's been on the board for several organizations since 1L year. She organized the infamous Lady Parts last year & got an incredible tradition going at the school. She's a house coordinator this year & has gone above & beyond to make sure the 1Ls transitioned well into law school. Basically, the girl cares & goes out of her way to connect to the student body (even though she doesn't always talk about it). The interests of the student body are very clearly one of her priorities.

3. The woman can argue. She doesn't back down. Ever.
Exhibit A: She won third best oralist out of 68 competitors at the JESSUP Moot Court Competition in New Orleans this year.
Exhibit B: She's one of only 6 people in all of Moot Court Society competing in Nationals next year.
Exhibit C: As a 2L last fall, Mallika argued before the Alabama Parole Board. This was the first time she ever argued before any sort of judgment authority, & she appeared without the assistance of a practicing attorney. She not only prepped vigorously for her hearing, but she also happened to win her hearing & get her dude off the hook.

4. This position is completely related to her career goals. Mallika is passionate about civil rights. It's the reason she came to law school, & she's been 100% committed to it during her time here. She has worked for the ACLU, the Southern Center for Human Rights, and the Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice, & will be working at the prestigious D.C. Public Defender Service this summer.

I don't know about you, but Mallika is definitely the kind of person I want on my side. Not that you should be planning on violating the honor code at all, but it's always good to have all your bases covered.

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