Mandala Painting With Circle Meditation

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Mandala Painting With Circle Meditation
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Mandala Painting With Circle Meditation says
Saturday Feb. 6 · 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm with Kala Sulc

Instead of running around in circles, come into the circle and find your Self.
Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle”, “circumference”, or “center”. These circular art forms are used all over the world in many different cultures mostly for the purposes of meditation, introspection and connection with the Divine, as well as a channel for self-discovery.
Meditation and mandala go hand in hand. Just as with meditation, the art of mandala-making allows for an automatic release of tension and stress. It brings the participant or artist into a renewed state of awareness.The meditation techniques we will use in this workshop are based on the teachings of Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati.
The colors and symbols that emerge from the process begin to express themes of what is important to you, where your energy is focused and what may be coming to the surface of your consciousness at that time. This approach to mandalas is based on the paintings and writings of Carl Jung.

In this workshop, we will prepare ourselves for the creative process with a guided meditation. Using your creative imagination, you will find a calm and present state to begin your work. You will be carefully lead through the art-making process, but also given plenty of freedom for personal expression. When your mandala is complete, you will be shown how to interpret it and how to meditate with it.

All art materials will be provided and all are welcome. No art or meditation experience is required.

$50 with registration by January 30
$45 with unlimited yoga pass
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By: Kashi Atlanta Ashram