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Milonga La Porteña   Dj Pierre
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Milonga La Porteña Dj Pierre says
Join us in this special goodbye milonga for DJ Pierre, from Perth, West Australia, who will be moving on for a job in Los Angeles, after spending almost a year with us. Be ready to not want to stop dancing, because that's what DJ Pierre does!

Unfortunately, due to the imminent weather threat between Florida and Georgia, Osvaldo Barrios has decided to cancel his trip to Georgia. We hope to be able to host him some time in the future.

Water, some wine and delicious snacks will be provided.

Feel free to BYOB.

Hostess: Claudia Winter
Guest DJ: Pierre
Cover: $10

Location: Daza Dance
3230 Peachtree Rd NE
Unit Upstairs
Atlanta, GA 30305

Free parking available

About Pierre:

Pierre started dancing tango in Perth, Western Australia, in 2007, and DJing in the summer of 2009 at the local practica and the then newly minted Friday tango cafe at the Perth Tango Club. With time he became known for always drawing the best attendance and being the DJ of choice for gala events or with visiting international instructors. He's also DJ'd in Rochester, New York. Organizers have relied on Pierre to keep people on the dance floor throughout the night, adjusting to the mood and character of the events. He's spent the last year in Atlanta, but will very soon be moving on to Los Angeles for a new job!

His DJing philosophy is simply thus:” keep them dancing tango, this minute, the next tanda, for the whole milonga, in their dreams as they sleep after the milonga, the next month, and five years hence and as far into the future as I can. Just keep them dancing."
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