Obsidian 18 (Finally Legal)

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Obsidian 18 (Finally Legal)
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Obsidian 18 (Finally Legal) says
She's 18, she's legal, heh heh heh

It's now October!! Do you feel the chill? Time to start donning a lil more Fall Goth apparel!

Our friends who went to Alchemy will hopefully be dry and come back to regale us with stories of decadence in the mud.

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A night sharp enough to cut thru the darkness. A night to come back to a place we all loved, sometimes bitterly. A night I wanted for my friends and the scene I love so much. Come embrace the darkness again and feel alive.

Goth, industrial,80's dance, and synthpop.

This is a weekly gathering, bringing you art, great music, a place to dance, good cheap drinks, and a lovely outdoor patio to chill and smoke some cloves. We will also be bringing in performances, guest speakers on the strange and dark as we grow. We shall be going thru some changes at the end of the month.

Flo Glow and Fire Friendly outside- Must check in with the GM and have a safety! We encourage to bring extra fuel.

Dungeon Play brought to you by Master Chuck and friends

::Audio Lordz for the night:::

Seraph Angel comes back from the burn and makes us wet with with his wicked beats.

Mod Eschar aka Dom Price brings us a nice slice of thumpy thump

Performing Artists:

Performing/Go-Go- Ria Rocket
Fet Demo by Frater Elvis Thompson
More TBA

Cisco- Tarot Card Reader

Artist showing this week;

The talented and lovely Sylkweb will be showcasing some pieces and selling.

Kevin Hatchett

Elvis Thompson

Alan Higgins
And more TBA

Future artists and vendors, contact Elvis for showing.


720 Spring Street NW
Atlanta GA 30308


Do Not Park at StarBucks, they boot now :(
There is metered parking on Spring Street north of Starfucks, on 3rd and 4th Streets and West Peachtree. Metered parking is $2/hour and is strictly enforced from 7 AM to 10 PM Monday to Saturday.
Surface parking lots are also nearby, however, they’re typically unattended. Some require exact cash payment. And their prices vary.
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