October 7th 9th Workshops With Maria Hamer!

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October 7th 9th Workshops With Maria Hamer!
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October 7th 9th Workshops With Maria Hamer! says
We have reworked Maria's Workshop offerings after talking to her fan base! Here ya go!

All 4 Workshops $200 (excluding Coaching Class Sun PM)

Fri 7-9PM $45
Zills with Maria!
Turn up your bellydance technique with unique experimental drills that challenge your body & mind! We’ll add Finger Cymbal layers along with some fun patterns to take your practice to the next level!

Sat 10AM- Noon $45
Mad Cap, Red Hot, Combustable Maria!
All Levels
Get inside the Maria’s kooky head. Learn the greatest hits from the Maria Vaults. This workshop includes a short warm up, steps, drills, and most importantly - sweet snippets of her classic choreographies abbreviated into delicious short little combos!

Sat 1-4PM $65
Let's Get Folked Up! A Tribal Folk Fusion workshop
All Levels
A Classic “Maria” workshop specializing in Tribal Folk inspired fusion. Comes with vigorous short warm up, drills across the floor & some sweet Tribal Folk Fusion combos for the books!
In this workshop we’ll take village dances and bring it to the modern stage. We’ll respectfully pull inspirations from Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, India & Central Asia then add western Dance Aesthetic to some fun combinations you’ll want to take home to your troupe or solo repertoire. Let’s get FOLKED up!

Sun 11AM-2pm $65
Something Old, Something New
Advanced/ Professional
Develop new ways to approach almost forgotten movements that have an old history in bellydance. We will discover ways to move bellydance isolations vertically & horizontally with drills that will build new muscle memory drawing from old forgotten styles while layering timing oppositions. After we drill, we will develop steps, stylizations, and personal expression, then top it all off by learning a combination utilizing these old/new elements and approaches.

Sun 3-5PM $25
Coaching Class Sign-Up.
Here's the deal-
You present two minutes of work, choreographed or improvised, to Maria a panel of instructors, and you get honest, compassionate feedback on the spot. The other attendees have been given index cards to make notes, and at the end, you get even more feedback in writing. It takes about twelve minutes per artist, and everyone learns alot!
This is the professional coaching you wish you had all year long. No other event offers it.
Take advantage of it! Plus Maria is the nicest person in the world!
We used to do this at TribO and it was everyone’s favorite part of the event.
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