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كانون فرهنگي ايرانيان آتلانتا با همكاري گيسو برگزار ميكند:

جمعه ١٢ فوريه از ساعت ٧:٣٠ شب با حضور گرم و صميمي شما به استقبال ولنتاين ميرويم.
پوشيدن جامه "قرمز" و یا "مشکی با ملحقات قرمز" براي بانوان و "قرمز و مشكي" براي آقايان الزاميست.

برنامه ي مهماني به شرح زير است:

٧:٣٠ تا ٩: آشنايي و صحبت ، دوست یابی، پذيرايي مختصر، بازي و سرگرمي
٩ تا ١٠ : صرف شام و نوشيدني
١٠ تا ۱۲:۳۰: رقص و پايكوبي

فروش بليط تنها از طریق لینک زیر امکان پذیر است
نرخ بليط آنلاين : ٢٠$
بليط با تخفيف دانشجويي: ١٥$
بليط با تخفيف مخصوص اعضاى كانون: ١٥$
نرخ بليط در درمحل ٢٥$ خواهد بود. توجه داشته باشيد كه ظرفيت اين برنامه محدود است لذا جهت تهيه بليط، از طريق لينك خريد آنلاين اقدام نماييد.

* هر فرد ميتواند تا دو نوشيدني از بار دريافت كند لذا شركت در اين برنامه تنها براي افراد بالاي ٢١ سال و با ارايه ي كارت شناسايي امكان پذير است.
**براي ورود با بليط تخفيف دار مخصوص اعضا و يا بليط دانشجويي، ارايه ى كارت دانشجویی و يا عضویت در هنگام ورود الزاميست.

We are pleased to invite you to the “RED PARTY” a joint event of Persian Cultural Center and GISO.
This is a great opportunity to meet and greet with your fellow friends and families, make new friends and party with our awesome DJ!

Valentine is to express your love to your loved ones and that includes: friends, parents, children, AND spouses, and people that you are in love (or you want to be!). So our party theme would not exclude it!

The event starts at 7:30pm, February 12th and lasts until midnight. Please plan accordingly or you are missing out the fun special speed dating at the beginning!

Event schedule is as follows:
• 7:30 pm to 9 pm: Meet and greet as well as ***FAST DATING*** fun game.
• 9 pm to 10: Serving dinner and enjoying music.
• 10 to 12:30 : Dance and party with our awesome DJ!
***This is a RED PARTY, RED attire is required (Red shirts for guys, Red dress or accessories for ladies).

Student/Kanoon tickets are $15 + processing fee.
General tickets: $20 + processing fee.
At the door: $25
Please note that tickets are sold exclusively online.
• Bar is open all the event long and drinks are provided for free! (two per person and ID check at the door).
• The event is not seated, however we will leave a few chairs and tables for those who wants to get some rest.
We are looking forward to seeing your young sprite in our RED PARTY. Come and enjoy the valentine in advance while partying until the Red cow goes home.
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By: Persian Cultural Center of Atlanta - Kanoon

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