Restorative Yoga With Crystal Bowl Healing | $35

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Restorative Yoga With Crystal Bowl Healing | $35
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Restorative Yoga With Crystal Bowl Healing | $35 says
This special 2-hour yoga experience invites us to slow down, heal and relax!

A soul-soothing Restorative Yoga practice infused with crystal bowl healing will encourage surrender and openness in the body. Restorative Yoga is a completely passive practice that utilizes props in all of the poses to balance our fast-paced lifestyles and heal us, both physically and mentally. Because of its passive nature, Restorative is accessible to people of all ages and skill-levels, as well as those with injuries.

During this special session, we will quiet the mind, soothe the nervous system and increase mind/body awareness, all while being bathed in an ancient sound healing modality.

Cost: $35

This class will fill up, so be sure to carve out some time for nurturing today.

About our sound therapist:
Jennifer Proctor is an Atlanta based massage and energy therapist, sound healer, and student of shamanism. She has been studying the therapeutic benefits of sound since 2011 and is an active member of The International Sound Therapy Association (ISTA). In 2013, she founded twilight reveille, a sacred sound orchestra. At the 10th Anniversary Cymatics Conference in 2015, twilight reveille was honored to receive a Healing Sound Ambassador Award for their contribution to the field. Playing the quartz crystal singing bowls, she conducts a weekly meditation at Self Discovery Center and provides live soundscapes for yoga classes and other special events throughout the year. She has taught An Introduction to Crystal Bowls for ISTA and has presented workshops at Chantlanta, Wigwam Wellness Festival, Something Fresh Fest, and Dirty South Yoga Fest. The angelic vibrations produced by these crystal bowls have touched the lives of many, bringing peace and profound transformation.
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By: Roswell Yoga Life