Self Impression { Gumball }

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Self Impression { Gumball }
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Self Impression { Gumball } says
Self-Impression { gumball }
a Penny Farthing Sideshow

To my multiple personalities,

I love you all, sweetarts.
Here, have a lollipop.

with Love,

* This piece is dedicated to all those frowns that want to turn upside down.

Sunday November 20th
11-2 - open gallery hours

Art by Narinder Bazen
Built by Paul Bazen

Narinder Bazen
Mahadevi Robért
Leah Tioxin
Clémence Bradley du Barré

With special thanks to Kelly Blackmon, Erin Palovick, Ben Girard and Sarah Price.

Event is free: donations to the Penny Farthing Sideshow + The Mammal Gallery greatly appreciated.

Please enter gallery in silence.
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