Shart Throb Iv: Unsharted Territory

Things to do
Shart Throb Iv: Unsharted Territory
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Shart Throb Iv: Unsharted Territory says
::: አፈቅርሻለሁ EyeCandle and The Quntry Qlub futures :::

::: A Sneeze-on-y'all Special Event :::

Thrice upon a time...we shartied in our underground lair...

{{{We shartied hard, y'all}}}

And now, new spaces demand our shartistic presence

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

.... The Mammal Gallery IS The Quntry Qlub....

gashtag fecal transplants

///I know our shart has been on the tips of your tongues since November, you dirty fabulous mother whoreshippers///

GET DRESSED************
**********GET DOWN*************

ShartThrob IV str8 to ya bloodstream

Fukk who you thought you were-----

~*~ 10-11 pm Super hot DJ Tag Team that we can't even talk about yet, too sacred
~*~ 11-12 Copalt Nay Nay bends you over both the subwoofers...consensually
~*~ 12-1 am qlub royalty King Atlas takes you deep in her househole
~*~ 1-2 Yung Yang melts genitalia with global south heat
~*~ 2-3 St. Trilldegard pulls the butt plug and releases your inner temple
~*~ 3-4 More fuckin secrets

$5-10 suggested donation // $3 before 11 // no nation like a dough nation // there's a bar // there's more than one toilet // there's probably a hookah lounge// TRANSFORM THYSELF

b.y.o. dreams, schemes, & shit memes

As always,
<3 This is QUEER~~SPACE <3
And, to the best of our ability, with help from all y'all,
<3 This is SAFER~~SPACE <3

See you s00n.....
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