Tantrum! A Show About Raising Kids

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Tantrum! A Show About Raising Kids says
From the folks who brought you True Story...

Raising kids is…hard! AND YET fun! Mind-blowing! AND YET mind-numbingly dull! Life-changing! AND YET brain-rotting!

Tantrum is…
*writers sharing stories of parenting highs and lows, *a chance to share your own small parenting Moments of GLORY, *a chance to meet new parent friends in a judgment-free zone…*and win (nonfancy) PRIZES.*

Tantrum is a night to celebrate it all while reminding one another: YOU, dear parent, are kicking ass.

COME JOIN inaugeral readers Jamie Allen, Rebecca Kaye, and Laurel Snyder, for a night of inside AND outside voices.

GET A SITTER (for there will be cursing).
It will be worth it.

Saturday, July 16
7:00-9:30 pm
Kavarna Bar/Coffeeshop, 707 East Lake Dr, Decatur, GA 30030

Website: tantrumatl.com