The 6th Annual Urban Regatta, Interplanetary Swapmeet/Danceoff, And Peanut Ballin' Balloff!

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The 6th Annual Urban Regatta, Interplanetary Swapmeet/Danceoff, And Peanut Ballin' Balloff!
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The 6th Annual Urban Regatta, Interplanetary Swapmeet/Danceoff, And Peanut Ballin' Balloff! says
It's time again to polish up those solar sails and get ready for a big thank you to all of the Rocketeers out there who've made it possible for us to celebrate six runs around the sun!

Trust me, as if it's not enough that we've got to retain the Earth-1 (Terra Prime) Urban Regatta trophy once again before we can compete on the galaxy-wide city/planet Urban Regatta circuit in our never-ending quest for the Coruscant Cup...
...Mission #2, should we choose to accept it, has us stopping by the Westside of the Alpha Quadrant because we have bins full of spacejams on laservinyl and mad tchotchkes to hustle and trade at the galaxies largest asteroid belt and swap meet. You don't go to the shoulder of Orion if you don't have too people...
...And then of course there's the impending "serve or be served" dance off with the the "42 Crew from Vogon-5"...
...and some scruffy looking nerf-herders who look like theyve been hepped up on spice for days roll up in this souped up, ratchet ass, T-16, bullseying womp rats and have the cucahuates to insinuate that their boiled peanunts may be better than our boiled peanuts. There's only one thing a man can do in a situation like that and that's to challenge everyone in the gorram 'verse to Peanut Ballin' Ball-off!

You'll notice that our stardates are filling up quicker than the queue at the Tannahuser gate on a Black-hole Friday.
But we wouldn't be where we are in time or in space without our loyal crew of Rocketeers!
So we're gonna bend the very laws of physics themselves and throw you all one bastard of a party! It's gonna make you FORCE-CHOKE YOUR MOMMA!!

*note: some of the previous statements may be exaggerated and/or completely either fictitious or stolen wholesale from popular science fiction. You be the judge.

In the meantime, keep on space truckin' along and join us on stardate 04.29.17- 7PM so we can treat you to some well deserved shore leave.

*meanwhile outside of the holodeck...

Stay tuned to this channel rightcheer. We will be posting the full rules and regs to the Peanut Boil Competition. There will be an entry fee with all proceeds going directly to the Trenholm Pitch project led by the Castleberry Hill Athletic Club.
Until full rules are posted, if you would like to begin work on your prep and recipe, contestants should plan on boiling around 2 lbs of nuts.
Since boiling peanuts is a slow and often tedious process that's been known to tear apart entire families, you will obviously need to provide your own heat source, fuel, wares (pots, pans, ladles, etc. We will be providing all service wares such as portion cups and spoons), and ingredients (spices, etc. we've got you covered on the water fam). We will be doing our best to provide everyone with fantastic green peanuts as we're travelling to Valdosta next week and that's straight up peanut country son! If you'd like to work with your own nuts then that's between you and the lord....
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By: Bottle Rocket ATL

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