The Chakra System In Yoga

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The Chakra System In Yoga
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The Chakra System In Yoga says
Have you ever wished there was a handbook for your life? Unfortunately, there’s no such handbook, however, the Chakra system is a powerful model that can help you understand what's happening beneath the surface of your life and dynamics impacting the quality of your health, relationships and work. According to the yogic system, the body has seven major chakras, or energy centers that receive, store, and distribute energy to the body. When prana or vital life force energy flows freely through a balanced, open chakra, the chakra's associated physical, emotional, and psychological functions are vibrant and healthy.

Life happens and we all experience situations that throw us off which impacts the health of our chakras. When our chakras are out of alignment, energy does not flow which can lead to imbalances in the mind, body or spirit over time. This workshop helps you understand the language of the chakras so you can decode the messages in your life. You will also learn yogic techniques to balance and align the chakras.

Workshop Topics Include:

Energetic and spiritual anatomy
Description of the seven major chakras and their associated physical, psychological and emotional functions
Learn to interpret physical and emotional indicators of imbalances in certain chakras
Yoga practices and techniques designed to balance each chakra

Cost: $50

This workshop is open to the public. Students enrolled in Active Sol's Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program will receive 4 credit hours towards certification.

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By: Active Sol Yoga