The Essence Of Self Esteem

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The Essence Of Self Esteem
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The Essence Of Self Esteem says
“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” ~ Buddha

Boiled down to its essence, self-esteem simply means accepting and appreciating yourself for who you are. It is actually a recognition of our true essence; the grandness of who we really are...

Authentic self-esteem is not dependent upon others or things external to us. Such self-esteem is a manifestation of our relationship with our self. If we lay ourselves bare in our vulnerability and strip away our careers, our families, our friends, our possessions and achievements, what are we left with? And how does that feel?

Through games, processes, & group participation, we help you see how having a low self esteem could be blocking you from your hearts desires.

In this experiential class we would like to give you the opportunity to have an experience that will help guide you to

* Tap in to the true essence of who you are
* Feel good about yourself and appreciate your own worth
* Stop looking for outside sources to establish your worth
* Look at core beliefs that are lowering your self esteem

People with high self-esteem feel good about themselves and appreciate their own worth. At the same time, they acknowledge their weaknesses but they don’t allow those weaknesses to play an irrationally large role in their lives.

Nothing can be more perfect and flawless than the One Life that permeates us. And when you manage to assimilate that and connect with it, there is no more need to “become” anything different than what you already are. You already are perfection!
Assets, good physical shape, education, etc., are indeed great things to enjoy but they cannot establish your worth, your worth is way beyond them.

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By: Essence of Being, Inc.