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Photograph: Jaclyn RivasMamaleh's

Learn the secrets behind Mamaleh’s best-in-class deli treats

Cambridge’s most acclaimed delicatessen has a home across the river at Time Out Market Boston.

Written by
Eric Grossman

Boston has a sizable population who grew up finding comfort in hearty deli staples, but in recent years almost all of the area’s old-school joints have vanished. Enter Kendall Square’s celebrated modern-era deli, Mamaleh’s.

At Time Out Market Boston, the Mamaleh’s team brings its scrumptious smoked fish platters and juicy pastrami sandwiches—perfect for a filling meal or a quick nosh—across the river to the Fenway.

Co-owners Rachel and Tyler Sundet produce hand-made bagels and hormone-free, antibiotic-free meats (expertly cured, smoked, and roasted in-house), perfect for an anytime snack. Weekend warriors can stop in for an egg sandwich on a house-made challah roll, or a hand-rolled bagel topped with whitefish or a schmear.

"Pre-internet days, Time Out Magazine was our go to for cultural information and happenings when we traveled," says Rachel Sundet. "We see this as a great opportunity to expand across the river and share a condensed version of our deli with the Boston community."

Mamaleh's bagel
Photograph: Jaclyn Rivas

Veterans of the industry, the culinary couple take pride in the craft behind their menu highlights.

"We make our bagels from scratch daily - from dough to hand-rolling to boiling baking and bring straight to Time Out Market. For our whitefish salad we source fresh pollock from Wulf’s Fish; we cure and smoke the fish in house, then dress and mix in small batches with red onions, chives, and a few other secret ingredients," says Rachel. "We are also super excited about our Chocolate Cake. It's traditional, chocolatey and deceivingly simple. I use Valrhona Chocolate in the frosting, giving it just enough oomph to make you want to come back for more day after day."

Photograph: Adam DeTour Photography

Stay tuned to Time Out Boston for updates on the Market!

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