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Survey says: Boston is pretty lukewarm about the Fourth of July

It seems like most people will be keeping it laid back this weekend

Olivia Vanni
Written by
Olivia Vanni

Maybe it's the lack of mask mandate talking, but this Fourth of July in Boston feels a whole lot more freeing. As we get ready to celebrate Independence Day this weekend, we wanted to know if our city were ready to get back to business and party like The Before Times, or if we were still shaking off the pandemic and keeping the holiday low-key. 

Ask and you shall receive: From the looks of it, the majority of us are leaving those bubbles behind and celebrating July 4 in a not-so-socially-distant fashion. It seems that much of our city doesn’t want to go solo for the Fourth, with 74 percent of folks polled sharing that they would be hanging out with “friends & fam” this weekend. 

There may seem to be a little lack of enthusiasm when it comes to the Fourth of July: 41 percent of you deemed the long weekend “whatever” as opposed to pledging your allegiance to getting the party started. Given Boston’s usual affinity for all things drinking and bar hopping, we’re slightly surprised by those findings.  But with 56 percent of you all stating that you’d be watching the fireworks from home rather than at a public event, we can only hope that some of you’ll be holding back to avoid any cops coming to your doorstep in response to neighbors’ noise complaints.

Whether you’re heading downtown to the Common for the scaled back fireworks display or simply cracking open some cold ones at your Cape house, thank your lucky stars and stripes that our coronavirus-fueled State of Emergency is a thing of the past.

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