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11 Chicago-based Etsy sellers you should know

Written by
Jessica Berson

Etsy, the hub of all things artisanal and handmade, recently launched their "Etsy Local" feature, meaning that not only can you impress your fashionable friend with a new ring made out of an antiqued spoon, but also support a local artist in the process.

The Etsy Local function allows you to browse through online shops by location and shows you where you can find these artists in the flesh around town at local craft shows. One can easily get sucked into a black hole of craftiness. In the interest of giving you a jumping off point, here are 11 Chicago-based artists on Etsy right now, what they sell, and where to find them.

Up in the Air Somewhere

Put your tax return to good use by sprucing up your living quarters with some stunningly chic ceramic and paper mache objects from this shop. Their creations are more for display than utilitarian uses, but the clean colors and pops of metallic sparkle can make anyone's living room look like a page out of an interior design magazine. 

Circa Ceramics

Find at: Lama HQ April 26th

On the more kitschy side of things, Circa Ceramics uses bright colors and pop graphic designs on their range of cups, bowls, plates and other dishes. They even offer local pickup to save on the shipping!

Anything Goes Here

This shop sells vintage house fixtures and interesting objects like faucet handles, skeleton keys, marble fruits and door knobs, most of which have been rescued from refurbished homes. If you are looking to make your modern condo feel a little more historic, or if you just need accessories for your latest Steampunk cosplay, this is the shop for you.


Find at: Pilsen Community Market April 19th


No one needs one of those artificial smelling jar candles when there are shops like Artumie handcrafting uniquely scented soy candles. Miss the smell of your dad smoking his pipe? They've got a candle for that. Want your house to smell like a Victorian library? Yep, they've got that too. You are just not going to find combos like Orange Spice Leather or Coriander Tonka anywhere else.

Rhymes with Twee 

Find at: Show of Hands @ Architecture Artifacts on May 8-10

Everybody likes getting a good old fashioned card in the mail, but getting a hand-printed card with a snort-inducing pun on it is even better. Rhymes with Twee uses its original designs, which feature things like vampire vegetables and bottles of Malört, on not only greeting cards, but also tea towels, baby onesies and notebooks. Each design is either gocco printed or hand-carved into a printing block and then stamped on the material of choice for a one-of-a-kind feeling.


Find at: Salvage One on June 21st

This is not your grandma's cross stitch. The classic patterns of floral filigrees surrounding pastel block letters may seem harmless at first, but a second look will surprise you with hilariously inappropriate quotes like "Boo, you whore!" and "Please don't do coke in my bathroom." If you've ever hashtagged it, this shop can cross-stitch it.

Five Trees

A child's favorite toy tends to be something that no other kid has. Five Trees gives life to their original characters like Pesha the Elephant and Ted the Low Maintenance Pal, making them out of high quality stuff so they can be cuddled and treasured well into adulthood. And if you are an adult and want an excuse to get one of these heirloom quality toys for yourself, you can buy one of their pin cushions or pillows and cuddle it without anyone judging you.

Reformed School

Find at: Dose Market at Chicago Cultural Center on April 19th

Up-cycling is the new recycling. Discarded materials aren't just reused, but made even better than they were before. This shop up-cycles found fabrics from things like handbags, pillows and old silk neckties and gives them new life as adorable pre-tied bowties that can be worn traditionally or used as hair accessories.

Windy City Winter

Find at: Skokie Spring Greening April 19th

Speaking of up-cycling, Windy City Winter does something similar, using things like previously loved blankets and sweaters to create new cold weather necessities. Think that just because it’s April you don't need a new pair of mittens, a slouchy beanie or a pair of leg warmers? Wrong! You live in Chicago, where baseball games get cancelled due to freezing temperatures. Better stock up while you can.

Maka Designs

Find at: Crafters and Musicians Market April 25th

Everyone's looking for a little zen in their lives, so why not get some peace and harmony from your jewelry? Maka Designs uses yoga poses and nature as inspiration for their textured metal plate pieces, which are painstakingly hammered and forged into organic, wearable art.

Theresa Lammon

Find at: Randolph Street Market April 25-26 

If you're looking to feed your inner geek, check out Therea Lammon's hand-painted jewelry, which features references to things like Doctor Who and old school Nintendo games. Theresa also sells her original water colors from this shop if you feel the need to not only wear her vibrant designs, but lovingly gaze at them on your walls.

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