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5 reasons why Wrigleyville doesn't suck

Written by
Jessica Berson

This weekend marks TBOX, the single largest display of douchebaggery known to man, when costumed and Christmas sweater–wearing bros flood into Wrigleyville and drink for more than 12 hours straight, becoming one massive stumbling and vomiting zombie horde. To be frank, Clark Street in general tends to give Wrigleyville a bad name, but there is so much more to this "starter neighborhood," which I have called my home for the last eight years. 

1. Wrigleyville is home to some of Chicago's best comedians. It's a stereotype that Wrigleyville is mainly populated by heavy-drinking recent college grads, and while that may be partially true, a large part of those twentysomethings are also up-and-coming comedians. Yes, they will host all-night keggers every other weekend and you will probably have to step over them on your way to work some mornings, but make friends with those guys and you've got an in to any comedy show in town. You want a couple tickets to The Second City to impress your relatives coming in to town? Your drunk neighbors can not only get you in to see the next comedy sensation for free, they can make sure you get the best seats in the house. 

2. Wrigley Field is a spectacular venue. Regardless of how you feel about the Cubs, if you're a baseball fan in general or even just a fan of history, living next to Wrigley Field can be awe-inspiring. Every game day is like a giant block party; the whole neighborhood smells like hot dogs and, if it's early enough in the season that hope is still alive, everyone is friendly and smiling. Plus, the free concerts are a pretty big bonus. Did you hear Billy Joel playing "Piano Man" from the fire escape of your Wicker Park loft? I thought not.

3. It's great for dog owners. I challenge anyone to find a more dog-friendly neighborhood than Wrigleyville. Everyone hands out dog biscuits, from the firehouse to the banks, and you can't go more than three doors down Addison without seeing water bowls. There are even dog-centric boutiques like the adorably named Wigglyville that can sell you a squeaky plastic beer bottle so your pup won't feel left out when you take them along to a patio lunch.

4. The location is convenient. Most of Chicago is quickly accessible from Wrigleyville via the CTA (if you don't count neighborhoods with "Park" or "Square" in their name).

5. The food options are great. Everyone knows about the bar scene, but there's also independent coffee shops like Uncommon Ground, tons of Thai and Chinese food and other choices.

So, please, fellow Chicagoans, don't judge Wrigleyville by Clark Street alone, because in the waking hours and the off-season, we're really just a well-behaved, dog-loving community of struggling comedians who know a good party when we see one. And to all of you TBOX-goers who are adopting my neighborhood as your own this weekend: Please try to pass out in an orderly fashion so I don't have to kick you out of my way Sunday morning.

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