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Adam Przezdziek/Flickr

Chicago finally has its own Snapchat story

Written by
Clayton Guse

Chicagoans will finally have the chance to impress judgmental teenagers across the world with its own "story" on Snapchat today. 

New York, Los Angeles and other major cities across the world have been featured on the social media app used for temporarily sharing photos and short videos. When users hold down the "Chicago" option on the app, they'll be able to get a peek into life around the city. There have already been shots of the El, a construction worker atop a skyscraper, a man delivering zucchinis on a hand truck, and a fabulous bleach-blond fellow licking the Bean. 

Snapchat can track your location, so if you post a video depicting a "candid" Windy City moment, it might find its way into millions of people's pockets. Be sure to use the Chicago filters so that you're "on fleek."

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